Merry Christmas 2023, Happy Christmas Day, Images, Quotes, Wishes, pictures, SMS, Messages, Whatsapp and Facebook Status

Merry Christmas 2023,Happy Christmas Day, Images, Quotes, Wishes, pictures, SMS, Messages, Whatsapp and Facebook Status

Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas 2023

It’s on the 25th Of December!
Merry Christmas!

We have almost completed another revolution around the Sun! Another year about to come to an end and the quote “All’s well that ends well” by William Shakespeare perfectly fits the occasion. Christmas is upon us after all. 

What could possibly be better than marking the end of every year by celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. So, Merry Christmas to you all! Also Happy New Year in advance.

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Happy Christmas day2023

happy Christmas

happy Christmas 

Christmas images

Christmas images

Christmas photos

Christmas photos

merry Christmas images
merry Christmas images

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merry Christmas wishes

Christmas Eve 2023

Christmas Eve is basically the day before Christmas, when the celebration of Christmas begins which is the evening of December 24. The importance of Christmas Eve in terms of popular beliefs is greater than that of the Day itself. On Christmas Eve, the Christmas-tree is decorated in its glory and the Yule log is solemnly lighted in many lands.

Out of the many customs and traditions that are wholeheartedly followed, one of the most widespread one that is still practiced by the Catholic countries such as Spain and Mexico is going out to a Midnight Mass Church. People even fast during the Christmas Eve.

25th December is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s largely celebrated by Christians from all over the world. It’s a festival of lights, gifts, and merriment. As by the date mentioned one might as well get the idea of Christmas is a winter festival. 

This means one will majorly see people in sweaters and cardigans and jackets. It’s a celebration of the birth of Christ, believed to be the Son of God. People spend this day by cutting cakes and praying in the church and sharing warmth and love throughout the day.

Happy Christmas Day 2023

Christmas is one of the most important and popular

 festivals celebrated globally. Christmas is celebrated

 in more than 160 countries throughout the world, by

 adults and children alike. 

Christmas is celebrated by the people following the

 religion of Christianity, but the festival does have

universal appeal, across all religions. There are many

 ways on how one can celebrate Christmas and the

 manner with which Christmas is celebrated is

 different in different countries, even though the

 Christmas spirit is universal in nature.

As mentioned earlier, Christmas celebrations differ

 across more than 160 countries and are celebrated by

 billions of people. Traditionally, people decorate their

 homes with bright, colorful lights, Christmas trees,

 and other such accessories. Families come together

 and celebrate this festival throughout a time period of

 twelve days.

Christmas day 2023

Christmas mornings are the most exciting time of the year. After spending an eventful Christmas Eve, all Christians attend Christmas services held on Christmas day. It is a prayer service and people pray on Christmas mornings to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. The prayer is followed by carol songs which are the traditional songs of the Christmas season. 

Both kids and adults heartily enjoy singing the

 Christmas carols, which set the right spirit for the

 festival after which they wish each other greetings of

 the seasons. People also visit the crib which is a

 depiction of the scene of the birth of Jesus Christ in


All the children wake up early in the morning to see

 the gifts that they received from their parents as well

 as from Santa Claus. They excitedly open up the new

 toys and sweets that they were gifted. Dressed in the

 new clothes brought for Christmas' occasion, 

children also look for the gifts in the stocking that they

 have hung near the fireplace or near the Christmas

 tree. After the completion of the gift opening ritual,

 they enjoy a delicious sumptuous Christmas Day

 breakfast that includes puddings, cakes, and special

 cookies that are mostly homemade and delicious.

Midnight Mass Church

Going to the Midnight Mass Church was originally celebrated by the Pope towards midnight in the chapel of the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica in Rome, before a small congregation. 

The celebration happens during the midnight as it is believed that Jesus was born precisely at the stroke of twelve with the happy sound of pealing bells. It is a very special part of the whole Christmas celebration and must only be started after the sunset and end before the sunrise of the next day.

Christmas tree

The decoration of the Christmas tree is the greatest joy for children. The tradition includes decorations that are made of pieces of straw strung together on a thread into intricate geometrical figures, 

colored eggshells, glitter balls, star-shaped lights, and string lights, and different crafted items. Apples, fir or pine cones, nuts, and paper cuttings are also used as decorating items.


Christmas Eve is the day for family reunions. Many Christians traditionally join a Midnight mass on Christmas Eve, marking the beginning of Christmas Day. Other churches hold Candlelight service which is typically held earlier in the evening. It is also believed to be the night when Santa Claus or his international variants, make their rounds giving gifts to good children.


Another custom was to bring the Yule Log into the house and light it on Christmas Eve. It was lit using a piece of the previous year’s log, and then the log would burn non-stop until Twelfth Night (night of the 5th January/Day of 6th January). 

Traditionally it is also believed that any greenery such as Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe should only be brought inside the house on Christmas Eve.

I hope you do have a fun-filled, full-on exciting, and absolutely amazing Christmas Eve 2023!

25th December

No one really knows the real birth date of Jesus; no particular date is given in the Bible. Christians certainly had many arguments as to when it should be celebrated during the early years. The birth of Jesus probably didn't take place during year 1 but probably earlier sometime between 2 BCE/BC and 7 BCE/BC, possibly in 4 BCE/BC.

merry christmas picture

merry christmas picture

christmas images wishes

christmas images wishes

merry christmas picture

merry christmas picture

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happy christmas day photo

happy christmas day photos

happy christmas day photos

images of christmas greetings

images of christmas greetings

merry christmas images wishes

merry christmas images wishes

The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated was during December 25th in 336, under the rule of the Roman Emperor Constantine (he was the first Christian Roman Emperor), but it was not necessarily an official Roman state festival during that time. 

However, there are different theories explaining why Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.

Early Christian scriptures said that the day when Mary was informed that she would conceive a very special baby, Jesus (called the Annunciation) was on March 25th - and it's still celebrated today on the 25th March. Also, there's a distinct time gap of nine years between March 25th and December 25th. 

Back in the day some Christians also believed that the world came into existence on March 25th, and also on the same date, Jesus was supposed to have died on when he was an adult. March 25th was chosen because people had calculated that, that was the day on which Jesus died as an adult (the 14th of Nisan in the Jewish calendar) and they believed that Jesus was born and had died on the same day of the year. 

Some people also believed that December 25th might have been chosen because of the Winter Solstice and the ancient pagan Roman midwinter festivals called 'Saturnalia' and 'Dies Natalis Solis Invicti' was celebrated in December around the same date.

The Winter Solstice is basically the day where the time gap between the sun's rising and the setting is the shortest. This occurrence mostly takes place on December 21st or 22nd. 

For pagans, this meant that the winter was coming to an end and spring was beginning. They had a festival to celebrate it and they also performed rituals to worship the sun for winning over the darkness of winter. In Scandinavia, as well as in some other parts of northern Europe, 

the Winter Solstice is also known as Yule and from where we get Yule Logs. The mid-winter festival in Eastern Europe is called Koleda.The Roman Festival called Saturnalia was conducted between December 17th and 23rd. During this time period, they honored the Roman god Saturn. Dies Natalis Solis Invicti translates into 'birthday of the unconquered sun'.

 This was held on December 25th (when the Romans assumed the Winter Solstice took place) and was the 'birthday' of the Pagan Sun god Mithra. In the pagan religion of Mithraism, the holy day was Sunday and is from where the word is derived.

The Roman emperor Aurelian declared 'Sol Invictus' in 274. But there are records of early Christians connecting 14th Nisan to 25th March and so the 25th December go back to around 200!The Jewish festival of Lights, 

Hanukkah begins from the 25th of Kislev (the month in the Jewish calendar that occurs at about the same time as December). Hanukkah is celebrated by the Jewish people in remembrance of the time when they were able to re-dedicate and worship in their Temple again after many years of not being allowed to practice their religion in Jerusalem.

Jesus was perceived to be a Jew, so this could be another reason that helped the early Church choose December the 25th for the date of Christmas!

The early church used to celebrate Christmas on January 6th. At the same time, they also celebrated the Epiphany (which means the revelation that Jesus was God's son) and the Baptism of Jesus. Now Epiphany mainly celebrates the visit of the Wise Men to the baby Jesus, but back then it celebrated both things! Jesus's Baptism was originally more important than his birth, as this was when he began his ministry. But soon people demanded a separate day to celebrate his birth.

Even during this time many Orthodox and Coptic Churches still choose to use the Julian Calendar and they still celebrate Christmas on January 7th (which is when December 25th would have been on the Julian calendar). 

The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates it on the 6th of January. In some parts of the UK, January 6th continues to be referred to as 'Old Christmas' as this would have been the day that Christmas would have been celebrated on if the calendar hadn't been changed. Some people didn't want to use the new calendar as they thought it 'cheated' them out of 11 days!

Christians believe Jesus to be the light of the world, so the early Christians thought that this was the right time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They also took some of the customs from the Winter Solstice and provided them with Christian meanings, like Holly, Mistletoe and even Christmas Carols!

St Augustine of Canterbury was the person who is responsible for the widespread celebration of Christmas in large parts of England. He introduced Christianity to the regions run by the Anglo-Saxons in the 6th century (other Celtic parts of Britain were already under the influence of Christianity but there aren't many documents to prove so or show how they celebrated the birth of Jesus). 

St Augustine of Canterbury was sent by Pope Gregory the Great in Rome and that church used the Roman calendar, so western countries celebrate Christmas on the 25th December. People from Britain and Western Europe spread 25th December as Christmas to the rest of the world!


Christmas is celebrated by millions of Christians and non-Christians around the world every year on the 25th of December. For Christians, it is the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many customs and traditions are practiced on 25th December to celebrate the Christmas season.

Here are some key facts on Christmas:• The word “Christmas” means Christian Mass. The Anglo-Saxons referred to the holiday as “midwinter” or “nativity.” The term Xmas is not irreligious because “X” means Christ in Greek.

• For Christians, Christmas represents the birth of Jesus. Jesus Christ is also known as the Messiah or Savior who was believed to be born between 7 and 2 B.C. But it was only in the 4th century that the Roman Catholic Church designated the 25th day of December to be Jesus’ birth date.

• During the late 1300s, the word “noël” was used in the English language. Noël came from the Latin word “Natalis”, which means “day of birth.”

• Christmas wreaths originally symbolized Jesus’ crown of thorns. In addition, the colors red, green, and gold became the traditional Christmas colors. Red represents the blood of Christ, green symbolizes life, and gold stands for light and royalty.

• The traditions of putting tangerines in stockings came from 12th-century nuns who left socks filled with fruits and nuts at the doors of the poor.

• During the early 16th century, the German Christians were the first to use trees inside their homes. Martin Luther was said to be the first person to use candles to decorate the Christmas tree.

• St. Francis of Assisi started the custom of singing carols in church during the Christmas season. It came from the English tradition of wassailing. Wassailing was a tradition to toast for someone’s good life and health.

• One of the most common Christmas figures is Santa Claus. He came from the legend of St. Nicholas, who was born in Patara, an ancient city in present-day Turkey.

• St. Nicholas became the most famous non-Biblical saint of all time. There are more than 2,000 churches dedicated to him in Germany and France, and 400 in England.

• In 1819, Washington Irving, author of the Headless Horseman, created the image of Santa Claus riding a sleigh.

• In 1931, Coca-Cola advertisements solidified the image of Santa Claus that we know today of a jolly, fat man in a red and white suit.

• The image of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, was used by the Montgomery Department Store for Christmas coloring books. The additional reindeer for Santa’s sleigh was later on named in Clement Moore’s poem.

• Today, we know nine reindeer, namely: Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Duner (Donner), and Blixem (Blitzen).

• Dutch children usually leave milk and cookies out for Santa Claus.

• Gift-giving is a tradition during the Christmas season. It symbolizes the gifts that the three kings/wise men/magi gave to baby Jesus. Frankincense, gold, and myrrh, the presents from the wise men, were to honor the coming of the king of Jews.

• In 1857, James Pierpont wrote One Horse Open Sleigh for Thanksgiving, but it became famously known as Jingle Bells.

• Bing Crosby’s White Christmas became the best-selling Christmas song of all time. It has sold 50 million copies around the world. Over 500 covers have been recorded by various artists in different languages.

• In 1886, France gave the largest Christmas gift to the United States – the Statue of Liberty.

• In the United States Christmas was declared as a federal holiday in the year of 1870.

• The first Christmas cards were produced by Hallmark in 1915.

• There are two islands named after Christmas. One is Christmas Island, formerly known as Kiritimati in the Pacific Ocean, and Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. In addition, there are three towns in the United States that are named after Santa Claus. They are in Arizona, Georgia, and Indiana.

• In 1829, Joel Poinsett bought a flower to the United States that became the traditional Christmas flower. Poinsettia is native to Mexico, where it’s also known as the “Flower of the Holy Night.”

• Christmas was once made illegal in England. In 1647, Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell considered feasting and other Christmas celebrations to be immoral. It was only lifted when Cromwell lost power over parliament in 1660.

• Nova Scotia in Canada is the world’s leading exporter of Christmas trees.

• Boar’s head and mustard were the traditional English Christmas fare before roast turkey – a bird native to North America.

• Christmas is the most profitable holiday for businesses around the world.

• Misa de Gallo, or Rooster’s Mass, is a Roman Catholic tradition of attending midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Countries such as the Philippines, Spain, and Portugal still practice this tradition.

Christmas tree

Long before the arrival of Christianity, plants, and trees which persistently remained green all year had a special meaning for people in the winter. 

As we see these days, people decorating their houses during the festive seasons or otherwise with pine, spruce, and fir trees; ancient people used to hung evergreen boughs over their doors and windows.

 People of many countries believed that such evergreens would keep away witches, ghosts, evil spirits, and illness. Evergreen boughs signified as the hope of a better tomorrow.

 It reminded them that when the Sun's shine will be brighter again, and summer will be on their doorsteps, then these plants will grow again.
 Ancient Egyptians worshiped a god called Ra, who had the head of a hawk and the sun as a blazing disk in his crown. At the time of the solstice, when God Ra began to heal from the illness, the Egyptians brought green palm rushes which symbolized the triumph of life over death. 

Early Romans used to mark the solstice with a feast known as Saturnalia in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture. The Romans knew that the solstice meant that soon farms and orchards would be green and fruitful. To mark the occasion, they adorned their homes and temples with evergreen boughs. 

In Northern Europe, the priests of the ancient Celts, Druids, also decorated their temples with evergreen boughs as a symbol of everlasting life. The fierce Vikings in Scandinavia believed the evergreens to be the special plant of the sun god, Balder.

The first person to bring a Christmas Tree into his house, the way we know it today, was during the 16th century. The story goes, that one day, a German preacher, Martin Luther, was walking through the forest and looked up to see the stars shining through the tree branches. 

It was so beautiful, that he went home and narrated this to his children and also mentioned that it reminded him of Jesus, who left the stars of heaven to come to earth at Christmas. Some people say that the tree was the same tree as the 'Riga' tree, but it wasn't. The Riga tree actually came into existence a few decades earlier. 

The tradition of placing Christmas trees might have traveled along the Baltic sea, from Latvia to Germany. In the 1400s and 1500s, the countries which are now Germany and Latvia were them part of two larger empires which were neighbors. Another story says that St. Boniface of Crediton (a village in Devon, UK) left England and traveled to Germany to preach to the pagan German tribes and convert them to Christianity. 

He is thought to have chanced across a group of pagans who were about to sacrifice a young boy while worshiping an oak tree. In anger and rage St. Boniface, to stop the sacrifice is believed to have cut down the oak tree and to his surprise, a young fir tree sprang up from the roots of the oak tree.

 St. Boniface believed this to be a sign of the Christian faith and his followers adorned the tree with candles to help St. Boniface preach the pagans at night.

Christmas day

Jesus Christ gave the world the lesson of love!! He taught us that we all have the same source and are related to each other in some way or the other. Moreover, why only a few of us actually just exist and do some good for our existence.

If you speculate you will come to know that only a few of us only understand the real message of the almighty. There are just a few of us who intensify the real potential and savor the beautifully created magic of God.

Christmas has almost arrived and it's time to find out the best ways to celebrate this beautiful day. Written below are a few of the spectacularly sophisticated ideas of celebrating Christmas 2023;

1. Help the Poor and underprivileged

Jesus was sent to the earth to help people understand the significance of giving and the compassion that it emanates. Also, helping someone's soul to fill satisfied can be the greatest investment one can ever make in a lifetime. It's one of the best ways to assure the almighty that you are following the teachings of Christ.

2. Vow to finance a child's education

If you really want to be mindful and invest in something really meaningful, then make it point to finance a child's education on this Christmas day 2023 celebration. If not all make sure that you choose one life, one child arbitrarily, and give him/her a bright future the same as you think of giving to your own child.

3. Gift to Show your affection

Make sure that no one is missed!! Gift everyone you know irrespective of how close they are to you. The cost or the gift itself doesn't matter half as much as the deed of gifting. And the action of sharing love brings nothing but joy.

4. Spend time in an elderly home

The angels first came to convey the arrival of Jesus on the earth to the Shepherds and in that way God wanted to convey us the message, that power is about making others powerful. Therefore, mark my words when I say that it would be absolutely a selfless act to spend quality time in an elderly home talking to those beautiful souls living in seclusion. Who knows, you might actually end up celebrating the best Christmas ever!

5. Dictate some lessons of Jesus to the children

It's Christmas, therefore, it calls for spreading the message of Jesus, He expects us all to be his messenger. Start it with your own little children who are not that well known to the principles of living. It will be a great way of helping society and helping your children.

6. Say Bye-Bye to Resentments & Send a Sorry Note

And, the Christmas celebration is the perfect time when you can say bye-bye to all the past resentments with people around. It is the perfect time to make up for all the relationships and start it all over again. Let love flow in it's with its real essence; let the light of enlightenment glow all through the world.
  These are some small but essential ways of celebrating Christmas 2023 that will not only satiate your soul and nurture it with positivity but will also help to spread the pious and benevolent message of Jesus Christ. Let the crusty experiences vanish with this effort of beautifying not only your said home but the home that the whole universe makes.

Happy Christmas day

On the joyous occasion of Christmas, don’t forget to share some warmth and love with each and every human you care about and who cares about you too. It is absolutely important to do little acts of love and care, letting your near and dear ones feel happy and cared for. Have a peaceful celebration just by inviting your family and friends at your abode or have a blast arranging a Christmas party with all the best humans present in your life. 

Do whatever you want to, celebrate this auspicious day however you want to. But make sure you’re also including people who aren’t fortunate enough to celebrate at all. A simple gesture of giving them cakes or gifts or simply including them in your celebration will definitely put a smile on their face. 

Another important way that will definitely make your Christmas a Happy Christmas Day is by helping out the people in need. Keep in your mind that winter has arrived, and for sure you’ll come across homeless humans or animals shivering in the chilly cold. 

Please reach out to them and try to find some help for them or if you can and is within your limits, provide them the help they require.

Maybe just a blanket or some food or contacting the animal shelter for stranded dogs or other animals, if possible. Do whatever you possibly can and make this world a better home. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also help others feel so too. So, Happy Christmas Day and have a warm and fun-filled Christmas.  

Gift and holidays

The tradition of giving and receiving presents at Christmas is not just materialistic. It holds a greater significance. One of the main reasons of doing so is to remind us of the presents given to Jesus by the Wise Men: Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh. Gold signifies Kings and Christians believe that Jesus is the King of Kings.

Frankincense is used for worship in Churches also portrays that people would worship Jesus.Myrrh: is a perfume that is put on dead bodies to get rid of the smell of the decomposition. Christians believe that it symbolizes that Jesus would suffer and die.

Christmas is all about the significant present that God gave the world about 2000 years ago - Jesus! A famous Bible verse, John 3:16, says: 'God loved the world so much, that he gave his one and only Son, so that whoever believes in him may not be lost but have eternal life.'.

 All over the world, families, and friends give and receive gifts to each other. Most children around the world believe in a Christmas gift-bringer, popularly known as Santa Claus, St. Nicholas or Father Christmas, but in parts of Germany, they believe that it is the Christ kind. In Spain, people believe it is the Wise Men and in parts of Italy, they believe it is an old lady called Befana.

 These presents are also left in different places! In most of Europe, the presents are left in shoes or boots put out by the children. In Italy, the UK and the USA present are left in stockings, often left hanging by a fireplace. 

In many countries, presents for friends and family are left under the Christmas Tree. In the UK, presents are opened on the morning of Christmas day with all the family together. The tradition of hanging stockings emerges from the story of St. Nicholas.

Presents are opened on different days around the world. Presents are opened at their earliest in the Netherlands on St. Nicholas' Eve on December 5th when children often receive their presents. On St. Nicholas' Day (6th December) children in Belgium, Germany, Czechia, and some other European countries open some of their presents as well. Children from the UK, USA and many other countries, such as Japan, open their presents on Christmas Day, December 25th. And the latest presents that are opened during this festival is on January 6th (a month after the earliest). 

The reason for opening presents this late is also due to another ritual is known as Epiphany and is mainly celebrated in Catholic countries such as Spain and Mexico. Another interesting way of giving presents in groups such as clubs, school classes, and workplaces is to have a 'Secret Santa'. 

This is where you pick a name of someone else in the group out of a hat (or another container!) and then get a present for that person. When the presents are given out (often at a Christmas party) each person receives their present but they have no idea which person in the group gifted it to them!

Christmas party 2023

3 Major Points of a Fun-filled Christmas Party!


Excited for Christmas Party 2023? Well, it’s an obvious thing to expect now as Christmas that is one of the biggest festivals of the Christians is now just a few days ahead. So if you are willing to double the excitement of Christmas this year than simply throw a Christmas Party. Be it with close friends, family or relatives or neighbors, it is sure to turn out as a memorable celebration for everyone. These are the major highlights of every Christmas day Party that you can do as well.

Go for a Theme Party:

First, pick a theme for the party. Engage in conversations and note down suggestions from your friends and family.  Now, this would be something fun. Be it Snowman Theme Party, Christmas Theme party, Color code theme, Chocolate Theme Party or wherever your creativity takes you, just inform your loved ones in advance to get dressed as per the decided theme.

Exchanging Gifts Ceremony:

The real essence of the holy festival of Christmas comes with the thought of gifting. In fact, giving happiness or sharing love is the sole motto of this festival of Christmas. 

Therefore, be a Santa on this Christmas and gift your loved ones with the best Christmas Gifts and spread happiness among all.

Play Cheerful Games:

Another fun way of adding excitement and joy into the celebration of Christmas comes with arranging small activities. On your Christmas Party, you can arrange different props and engaging games to play with your close and dear ones. 

It can be anything that you can plan to play with your friends, relatives and family members. It is an interesting way to include more fun and energy into the Christmas Party.

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