Happy New Year 2024 Images, Pictures, Whatsapp Status,Wishes,Messages, Quotes, Greetings

Happy New Year 2024 Images, Pictures, Whatsapp Status, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings.

New year 2024

Happy new year

We’ve finally made it to the end of this decade! That totally calls for a celebration! I hope you all had an absolute gem of a year, making loads of memories and having a gala time! 

And like everything else in life we’re programmed to move on no matter what. So we hope you get the strength to let the bad ones and the negative experiences that you encountered mold you in a different somebody and you step in the New Year 2024 as someone who knows what he/she wants and knows in their heart how to get it. This New Year 2024, we wish you hope, love, happiness, and connections. May this year be yours to conquer.

In this article, we’ve mentioned New Year’s Day 2024 events, and some amazing locations to spend your New Year’s Eve 2024.

Happy new year 2024

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Happy new year

2024 new year wishes

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new year greetings

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New year greetings 2024

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2024 new year wish image

New year wish image

new year greetings image

2024 New year wish greeting image

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happy new year greetings 2024

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2024 happy new year greetings

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New year 2024 wishes

New year 2024 wishes

2024 newyear  image wishes

New year wishes 2024

New year wish image

New year wish image 2024

New year 2024

2024 new year wishes

Happy new year 2024

Happy new year 2024

Most of us have already made plans to welcome New Year 2024in the grandest way possible. In every city, no matter at which corner of the earth you are living, there must be a ton of social events already charted around the area. 

These events are the best place to have a really good time and just really enjoy your time there. The celebration of New Year is not really a modern concept. New Year's is one of the most celebrated holidays, doesn't matter if you're a kid or an adult,
 it's pretty exciting and a fun celebration of welcoming a new year. But how did the tradition of New Year's begin and why do we celebrate it the way we do?  

Civilizations around the globe have been celebrating the beginning of each New Year for at least four millennia. Although today, most of the New Year’s festivities start around December 31 (New Year’s Eve), which is the last day of the Gregorian calendar, and continue into the early hours of January 1 (New Year’s Day). Common traditions include going to parties, indulging in special New Year’s foods, making resolutions for the New Year, and watching fireworks displays.

For many people across the world, January 1st offers a fresh start to a new year! But we bet you didn't know that over the last 4000 years New Year's wasn't always celebrated on the 1st of January. The beginning of the New Year's celebration, which is the massive Babylonian religious festival of AKITU was held every year around the Spring Equinox. During 46 BC, Julius Caesar introduced a new calendar that was synced to the Sun instead of the moon. Officially moving New Year's celebration from March 1st to January 1st.

Facts about New Year

Let’s delve in a few facts and stories about New Year before beginning New Year 2024. 
In the middle ages, the Christian church did away with many of the ancient Roman festivals because of their Pagan roots. As a result, New Year's was celebrated on various dates throughout medieval Europe. In 1582 Pope Gregory xiii examined and made changes to the calendar system again. The Gregorian calendar which we still use today, restore January 1st as New Year's Day. 

Some countries and cultures, even today, follow the solar calendar and not the lunar calendar and celebrated their New Year at different times of the year. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and the first day of Muharram, the Islamic New Year, are celebrated in the fall. And the Chinese New Year which lasts for a whole month begins in late January or early February. 

Starting the New Year in January was partially observed to honor the god Janus, after whom the month was named. Since Janus had two faces, he had the power to look back into the past and as well as into the future simultaneously, which made him a great spokesperson for the holiday we celebrate today.

New Year's traditions vary from country to country. For example, in Spain, people eat 12 grapes in every second leading up to midnight. Other cultures also eat various foods to celebrate the coming of another year. Greeks have ring-shaped cakes, with silver or gold coins baked inside. In China, a dumpling represents hope for an auspicious New Year. And in Japan long Buckwheat noodles symbolize a long life. 

Since 1904, crowds have packed New York's Times Square for the most famous New Year's traditions of all, the dropping of the ball. At midnight, hundreds of thousands of people gather and enjoy the most mesmerizing kaleidoscopic effect with nearly 16 million vivid colors and billions of patterns.

From Champagne to fireworks to resolutions and fresh start, New Year has always been many things to many people.
Other Names and Languages
English-New Year's Day
Arabic-عيد رأس السنة
Croatian-Nova godina
Czech-Nový rok
French-Jour de l'an
Hindi-नए साल के दिन/ पहली जनवरी
Irish-Lá Caille
Norwegian-Første nyttårsdag
Norwegian (nynorsk)-Nyårsdagen
Polish-Nowy Rok
Portuguese-Ano Novo
Romanian-Anul nou
Russian-Новый Год
Russian (latin)-Novy God
Serbian (cyrillic)-Нова Година
Serbian (latin)-Nova Godina
Slovenian-novo leto
Spanish-Año Nuevo

Celebrations of New Year around the globe 

The home plays an important role in many countries’ New Year’s traditions, which can involve everything from intense cleaning sessions to inviting special guests. Regardless of how it’s done, home is where many people celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day.

England: For good fortune in the newly arrived year, Brits believe the first guest to enter through the front door should be a young, dark-headed male bearing gifts such as bread symbolically meaning to be full, salt symbolically meaning to be wealthy and coal symbolically meaning to stay warm.

Japan: Oshogatsu is celebrated with family, which both cleans and decorates the entire house together. Then natural decorations such as pine branches, plum blossoms, and bamboo play a special role in preparing for the New Year celebration.

Denmark: People save their old dishes in order to break them on each other’s front doors, as a sign of friendship,. Residents will allow these broken dishes to pile up in order to show who has more number of friends.

China: Chinese celebrants paint their front doors red to symbolize happiness and good luck in the New Year. The red color is to be seen everywhere during New Year’s Eve in China, with red packets of money for children, red rackets for married couples, and red lanterns.

Puerto Rico: In addition to cleaning their homes as the Japanese do, Puerto Ricans clean everything— the car, the garden, and even the streets. They also have a practice of throwing buckets of water out the window in order to do away with the bad juju of last year.

South Africa: Some South Africans—particularly those in the neighborhood of Hillbrow in Johannesburg— take cleaning house for the new year to an entirely new level. Throwing old furniture and appliances (think fridges!) from the windows of tall buildings somehow helps to make the New Year bright. It’s actually a very serious health hazard there!

Food and New Year's Day

 Food is a major element used to celebrate the New Year around the world. It is believed, in many countries, that eating the right thing has a strong influence on the next year’s outlook. Many of these New Year’s food traditions are delicious, but they don’t necessarily make a lot of logical sense.

 Louisiana: The New Year’s food tradition I grew up with is eating Cajun-style black-eyed peas and cabbage, with the promise that it will deliver health and wealth over the next 12 months. Even after 12 years of living and working abroad, I’ve never stopped celebrating the New Year with the dish!

 Brazil: Lentils are the alimentos do dia for Brazilian New Year’s celebrations. The legume can come in different forms, such as soup, to help with finances in the New Year. And before midnight, they believe that people should also eat seven raisins.

 Austria: The New Year’s food traditions in Austria has got two parts. Firstly, there’s finding a lucky charm that has been hidden inside a suckling pig. Then it’s onto a dessert of peppermint ice cream, which somehow represents economic windfalls in the coming year.

 France: The French are known for their weird food preferences. On New Year’s Eve, edible opulence steals the show in the form of le rebellion de la Saint-Sylvestre. Partiers will feast for hours on foie gros, goose or turkey, oysters, and of course plenty of champagne. The top-flight fare represents wealth to arrive in the next year.

 Spain: A challenge in speed-eating, Spain’s New Year’s food tradition requires that people eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve– one for each time the clock chimes. Otherwise, superstition suggests that you’ll miss out on extra good luck for the coming year!

 Switzerland: In a strange cultural twist, the Swiss don’t actually eat their New Year’s treat. Instead, they simply drop whipped cream on the floor and leave it there. Obviously, that means richness in the coming year, right?

 Estonia: How Estonians make it to midnight on New Year’s Eve awake is a mystery. They should be in a food coma! Tradition dictates that the holiday should be celebrated with a lucky number of meals, with either seven, nine, or twelve trips to the table. However many meals you choose, you’re said to have the strength of that many men (or women).

   England: For good fortune in the newly arrived year, Brits believe the first guest to enter through the front door should be a young, dark-headed male bearing gifts such as bread symbolically meaning to be full, salt symbolically meaning to be wealthy and coal symbolically meaning to stay warm.

 Japan: Oshogatsu is celebrated with family, which both cleans and decorates the entire house together. Then natural decorations such as pine branches, plum blossoms, and bamboo play a special role in preparing for the New Year celebration.

 Denmark: People save their old dishes in order to break them on each other’s front doors, as a sign of friendship,. Residents will allow these broken dishes to pile up in order to show who has more number of friends.

 China: Chinese celebrants paint their front doors red to symbolize happiness and good luck in the New Year. The red color is to be seen everywhere during New Year’s Eve in China, with red packets of money for children, red rackets for married couples, and red lanterns.

Puerto Rico: In addition to cleaning their homes as the Japanese do, Puerto Ricans clean everything— the car, the garden, and even the streets. They also have a practice of throwing buckets of water out the window in order to do away with the bad juju of last year.

 South Africa: Some South Africans—particularly those in the neighborhood of Hillbrow in Johannesburg— take cleaning house for the new year to an entirely new level. Throwing old furniture and appliances (think fridges!) from the windows of tall buildings somehow helps to make the New Year bright. It’s actually a very serious health hazard there!

New Year’s Eve celebration

 New Year's Eve is celebrated differently all around the world. New Year's Eve is a public holiday in a few places like the Philippines and Latvia. In a few countries like Japan, it is a government holiday. But in most countries, people are not allowed to leave work until the evening, and many retail stores remain open even during the eve. 

In a few places, people sing "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight, while others make resolutions — a tradition that may also date all the way back to the Mesopotamians. It is said that the Mesopotamians promised the gods that they would do better in the coming year in order to incur their favor and avoid their wrath.

New Year's Eve 2024, with its emphasis on romance and indulgence, might seem like a totally secular celebration. However, underneath all that glitter and sparkle is an ancient holiday with deep spiritual roots. For centuries, people have been observing the end of one year and the beginning of another.

Ancient Romans celebrated six days off of drinking alcohol and enjoying oneself with others in a noisy, lively way, which would probably be familiar to us today. St. Boniface.

who was an English missionary, came to visit Rome in 742 and was greatly dismayed at the way the Romans celebrated Kalends of January, as the New Year was known then. They danced in the streets, along with heathenish cries and sacrilegious songs, tables laden with food and women wearing amulets, and offering them for sale.

Because the Winter Solstice is the turning point of the year, beginning the lengthening of days, it has long been viewed as the birth of the year--by pagans celebrating the return of the Sun, 
and by Christians welcoming the birth of the Son of God.

 The days between Solstice and the New Year are magical, luminous time period. It is believed that anything is possible, during this span of time. The Twelve Days of Christmas, in England, were considered omen days. These days we're used to predict the weather of the coming year.

During these days, in Scotland, no court had power; and in Ireland, people believed that if a person died during the Twelve Days, he or she went straight to Heaven.

The days between the Winter Solstice and the New Year, in ancient Babylon, were seen as the time of a struggle between Chaos and Order, with Chaos trying to take over the world. 

Cultures such as Hinduism, Chinese, and Celts viewed this as a time for reversing positions in an attempt to engage. They would exchange roles with servants and dress in their attire until the order was restored.

Celebration of New Year in India

In India, New Year's Day is an optional holiday. In India, employment and holiday laws allow employees to choose a limited number of holidays from a list of optional holidays. Some employees may choose to take the day off. However, most offices and businesses remain open.

In all over India, everyone can be seen colorfully dressed. They celebrate this day by indulging in fun-filled activities such as singing, playing games, dancing, and attending parties. In the metropolitan cities of India, a rush of people of all ages are to be seen at night clubs, movie theaters, resorts, restaurants, and amusement parks.

One can witness little kids handing over greeting cards and gifts to each other and adults wish each other Happy New Year. Gifting and receiving messages, greeting cards and presents are simply the part and parcel of the New Year celebration in India. Media does cover many New Year events organized in different parts of the country, which are showcased on prime channels for most of the day.

 Senior citizens or the ones who choose to stay indoors, resort to watching these New Year shows for entertainment and fun. Planning a new age-old tradition of resolutions for the coming year is a common sight. The most common ones are losing weight, developing good habits, and working hard.

In metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai live concerts are organized, where Bollywood stars and other well-known personalities attend and even perform. Huge numbers of people gather to attend such shows. Also, some individuals prefer to celebrate this day with their close friends and family members. 

This day is also considered as a great opportunity to get closer to the loved ones in your life and to revive contact with lost friends. The concept is to wave goodbye to the year gone-by and welcome the New Year in the hope that it will bring truckloads of happiness and joy in everyone’s life. 

Something very different about the concept of New Year here is that each state celebrates New Year according to their own culture and also has different names to honor that time of the year. 
Ugadi- Telugu New Year
Gudi Padwa- Marathi New Year
Baisakhi- Punjabi New Year
Puthandu- Tamil New Year
Bohag Bihu- Assamese New Year
Pohela Boishakh- Bengali New Year
Bestu Varas- Gujarati New Year
Vishu- Malayalam New Year
Losoong- Sikkimese New Year
Navreh- Kashmiri New Year
Pana Sankranti- Odisha New Year

Best places to celebrate New Year in India

Here we are lining up some exciting locations and some interesting attractions you might want to cover if you choose any of these places for New Year’s Day 2024Also mentioned below will be a few party places to make sure this New Year 2024 party doesn’t stop.

New Year in GOA

Add Goa to your list of places you have to celebrate New Year's at. Here are the reasons why-
1. The spectacular beaches
2. The dazzling parties
3. And the sensational crowd
4. Sports and adventures by the beaches
Here you have an array of vibrant celebrations like hilltop psychedelic parties. Starting from DJ nights to pool parties, a typical clubbing night with beats thumping the entire night as well as lakeside parties with groovy music. 

You think and it's here! Along with fireworks welcoming the New Year at the coastline and the wild dancing. There's both music and madness If you want this New Year to be the hippest and happening. Think no more, Goa is the most happening place to celebrate New Year's at.

Mentioned below are a few popular party points-
Titos Bar
Anjuna Beach
Sinq, Kamaki Bar
Grand Hyatt
Café Mambo
Club Love Passion Karma
Hill Top
Club Cubana

New Year in DELHI

DELHI aka the heart of India (dilwalon ki dilli) is one of the wildest places to celebrate the New Year in India. Every nook and corner of Delhi including pubs, clubs, hotels are all swaying with music and celebration on this grand day. 

It hosts the most expensive and elite parties in the country. Delhi welcomes the year with the biggest DJs and singers performing and the craziest crowd lighting up the city.

Mentioned below are some places to hit up in Delhi for New Year's celebration- 
7 Degrees Brauhaus
Shiro Hotel Samrat
Over The Top
Pub Nirvana
Revelry at Golf Bar ITC Maurya
Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill
Visit the India Gate if you want to get away from the parties!

New Year in MUMBAI

Known for its nightlife, Mumbai also known by the Financial Capital of India is one of the most perfect places to celebrate New Year. The city lights up with festivities and the party animals take over the dance floor. 

If you are not the kind of person who enjoys being in lounges and discos, then your alternate choice would be to celebrate this New Year in Mumbai by spending time at the beach with your friends and family. Crowd, food and celebrity performances set Mumbai apart from all other places.

Places to check out in Mumbai for New Years-
Lotus Cafe JW Marriott
Stax  Hyatt Regency
Amnesia at LIV
Visa On Arrival at Canvas Lounge
Hot Freeze at The Westin
The VVIP Experience at Ghost 
Otherwise, you can simply watch the fireworks at Marine Drive!

New Year in UDAIPUR

Also known by the City of Lakes is adorned with palaces and lakes. Aptly called the Venice of East, Udaipur offers you heaven like experience to celebrate New Year in India. There are endless serene lakes, balmy sun, and pleasant weather which simply collaborate to make your day perfect and special.

Searching for ways to make your New Year unforgettable?
The beautiful landscapes and fireworks will do the job flawlessly.
Places to check out in Udaipur for New Years-

The Counting Clock
Arvana Mall
Brewz Rock Café
Café Clock Town
Café Nirvana
Fern Residency
Gazebo Inn

New Year in KOLKATA

Kolkata aka the City of Joy is a delight to visit during New Year. The city is bejeweled with lights and the atmosphere carries the infectious magic of celebrations. 

People of all ages celebrate the day with zeal and enthusiasm. The nightclubs come to life after sunset, with vibrant music playing all night. Starting from your usual DJ nights to special masquerade nights, Kolkata has it all. 
Places to Visit in Kolkata for New Years-

Orchid Garden
The Sonnet
Shimmers Lounge
The Underground
And the latest addition to this list will be strolling in Park Street while enjoying street foods and enjoying Kolkata’s ambiance which will be full-blown. Streets will be beautifully decorated and people will come out dressed in their best garments, the city of joy will truly portray its self through its people and food and smiles!


In the snow-clad city of Mcleod Ganj, the chilly breeze, excellent food, and music will offer you a cozy option to celebrate New Year in India in the best way possible. 

Mcleod Ganj gives you a memorable New Year experience, whether it is the shopping alleys, the narrow lanes, the fun parties or the warm cafes. 
Places to Visit in Mcleodganj for New Years-

Peace Cafe
Coffee Talks an
Shiva Café 
If you are looking for something quiet and calm, you can spend the day at one of the Buddhist temples or just camp at Triund.


Bangalore, the IT hub of India is not famous for just being Silicon Valley but also house to some wild celebrations. Bangalore is brimming with New Year madness, with house parties, stadium concerts, fine restaurants, lush gardens, wonderful climate, and the lounges at MG Road. 
Places to check out in Bangalore for New Years-

Leela Kempinski
Dugout Rooftop Restaurant
Sports Bar
F Bar & Kitchen
The Last Party at Sutra
The Lalit Ashok 
If you're looking for something adventurous to go for this New Year, you can always go camping or trekking.


Pondicherry has something for everybody; biking in the streets of The Riviera of the East, enjoying the serenity of the beaches or just admiring the French architecture, the beachside parties, the bonfire, and fireworks at the beaches are some of the famous attractions that draw people to Pondicherry on New Year. 

You can as well enjoy a spectacular performance on the streets. The alcohol is cheap since Pondicherry is a union territory. 
Mentioned below are a few places to Visit in Pondicherry for New Years-

Ashok Beach Resort
Oceans Spray
The Promenade
Rock Beach is one of the popular destinations to enjoy concerts and functions and the event is funded by Pondy tourism and here you can see the diverse culture of the place.

New Year in GULMARG

The world-famous ski resort is a renowned place where you can spend your New Year in India. People throng to this destination, not for loud, crazy parties but to enjoy the serenity and calmness. Heaven for nature lovers, Gulmarg's hotels, and tourist huts are completely booked during this period. The temperatures may drop to a negative, but tourists find skiing in the snow a perfect way to enjoy the day. 
Places to Visit in Gulmarg for New Years-

Gondola Ride
A drive at the Outer Circle Walk 
Or a party at Heaven Retreat

New Year in MANALI

The snowfall and the fun DJ nights in the hills will surely intoxicate your spirits and send you into a Manali trance for New Year. Exploring the serenity of places like Tibetan Monastery, Van Vihar, Vashisht temple or adventurous activities like parachuting, paragliding, and skating are alternate ways to celebrate your day. You can even go on a road trip to Solang Valley with your loved ones or visit the Rohtang Pass for an exciting adventure. 
Luxurious Places to Visit in Manali for New Years-

Morpheus Valley Resort
Royal Park Resort
The Orchards Green
Sandhya Resort & SPA
Snow Valley Resort
Quality Inn & Suites  

New Year in VARANASI

Welcome 2024 with exciting events, memorable nights, and crazy activities! This is a great time for travel junkies. There are some amazing adventurous New Year's Eve events in Varanasi that will kick in the rush and make it one memorable time.

 Camping, trekking, rappelling or just going to a backpacking trip; rejuvenating yourself and starting the New Year afresh. For the ones who only believe that the end of the year needs to be celebrated with groovy music and crazy dancing, then for them, there are some dazzling parties in Varanasi awaiting you.
Events to catch up if you’re in Varanasi-

New Blast 2024 in Hotel Grapevine
There will be a "NEW YEAR PARTY" conducted by Hotel Pallavi International, Varanasi.
"New Year's Eve 2024" will be hosted by At Vinayak Plaza Mall, ADDA by HANGOVER
Hey, in case you’re not a party person, there’s always long stretches of river banks of Ganga where you can peacefully have me-time or just chill with others.


Bid adieu to 2024and welcome 2024 with an open heart. And in case you chose Hyderabad as your destination to celebrate New Year, fret no more, we are providing you the password to have a great time here by providing you with a list of places to hit. 

Like any other city in India, Hyderabad too has its special charm to offer during this time. There are DJ shows, parties, fireworks, selfie booths, food stalls, sky lanterns along with performances and shows by different artists. The city lights up with beautiful decorations. Great vibe and happy faces will welcome you as their own. 
Parties that are going to be pretty lit-

Hyderabad NYE Bash 2024
New Year’s Eve at Taj Banjara
TOT New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve 2024 At Prism Club
Spoil New Year Bash 2024
Fun Xtended 2024 NYE at Trident
New Year Eve Party – Ramoji Signage Area
NYE 2024 at Taj Deccan
NYE 2024 Vol. 4.0 at Fusion9
NY Party 2024 with DJ at Leonia
Mad On 2K19 at Park Exotica
NYE 2024 at Playboy Beer Garden
Boomerang New Year Eve 2024t Hitech City
PUB-G 2K19
New Year Family Fun Event @ SkyZone Trampoline

New Year in KASOL

Kasol, also known as ‘Heaven’s Gateway’, has it all. Starting from prodigal mountains to lush green flora. Serene environment as well as vibrant party culture. It also hosts some prominent music festivals and New Year parties. There's also the mystical Parvati Valley for the ones who are into trance music and booming parties. What better way than to party your way into a brand new year.
Here are some happening parties you might be interested in a crash-

v Parvati Shangri-La Festival
v Himachal Hills Festival
v Kasol New Year Music Party 2024
v 3rd Eye New Year 2024 Festival
v Kasol and Tosh New Year’s Eve Celebration 2024
v Kasol Music Festival
v Full Moon Party Kasol 2.0
v Sylvester Gathering
v Parvati Mystery Festival (2nd Edition)
v Hype Music Festival


Lakshadweep should top your chart if you're the kind of person who is more drawn to peaceful places amidst nature and enjoys spending time in silence. Lakshadweep has vast beaches, crystal clear water, and colorful reefs. There's no way one will regret picking this out of the box destination to celebrate this New Year.
Experience scuba diving and snorkeling or opt for various water sport activities on the beaches of Lakshadweep Island. Also, you can go to Island hopping, tasting seafood as well as shopping!


Kodaikanal offers picturesque views and really breathtaking sceneries of Kerala. It's a hill station packed with spots and a well-known destination for spending your honeymoon and holiday. Also famous by "Princess of Hill Stations" is a great location for horse riding, cycling or boating. There are many resorts which host parties to welcome New Year and also a variety of food and drinks is always available.  

New Year in OOTI

If you are someone who has well passed the party mood and enjoys spending time with family, Ooty promises a wholesome holiday. Write up a host of farm activities in the day like tending the horses, picking vegetables, and waiting meditatively for a catch at a fish pond. 

At night, start with the crackling bonfire and gradually head to the in-house restaurant for a peaceful meal. Ooty is nothing less of heaven for tea and chocolate lovers as this place have them in abundance.
 Celebrate the beginning of the brand new year admiring the beauty of the place and strolling through the streets. Experience the fireworks, visit bars, and have a gala time. And while there, you might want to make a quick visit to the museum, botanical garden and tea factory.


Daman and Diu is undeniably the best place to visit this New Year if you preferred to have a different visual experience. Though this place does engage with the arrival of tourists all year long, New Year visits have its own attractions. 

And reasons for witnessing the same isn’t limited to chilly winter mornings, there’s a lot more which adds up to the gathering. And a lot of that is due to the auspicious time of the year. 

Starting from varieties of dishes to water sports, you’ll find it all in one place. 

And after a long happening day, there will always be the beautiful sunset to mark the year-end. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

New Year in GANGTOK

Gangtok has its own magical vibe, with snowfalls and a chilly breeze blowing from time to time. The city holds a ton load of adventures to embark upon as well as opportunities to create unforgettable memories. 

There are plenty of activities to do here, starting from visiting monasteries like Pemayangtse Monastery and Rumtek Monastery to visiting natural spots like Goechala and the Seven Sisters Waterfalls.

During the winter the peaks are mostly covered with snow, so we can promise you that the views will be stupendous and the experience of the cold winds is bound to rattle your bones which in turn will make the idea of taking a dip in the Phurchachu Hot Springs even more tempting.
Some beautiful places to visit-
· Goechala
· Silk Route
· Ropeway over Gangtok city
· Teesta River
· Pemayangtse Monastery
· Rumtek Monastery
· Nathula Pass
· Hanuman Tok 
· Banjhakri Falls
· Seven Sisters Waterfalls

New Year in KERALA

If you are planning to celebrate this New Year in a delightful and joyful way, then the New Year 2024 in Kerala is one of the best options for you. Kerala has a variety of tourist attractions to offer, including houseboats, backwaters, beaches, scenic hills and flora, and fauna.
And in case you do pick Kerala to make sure to visit-

Kochi (Cochin Carnival)
Best Stay Options

· Holiday Inn Cochin
· Crowne Plaza Kochi
· Le Meridien Cochin Resort & Convention Centre
· Trident Cochin
· Vivanta by Taj Malabar

Best Party Places

· Ava Lounge Bar and Discotheque
· Glow Restrobar
· Longevity Restrobar
· Velocity Restrobar

Best Stay Options

· Lake Palace Hotel Alappuzha
· Citrus Retreats Alleppey
· Punnamada Backwater Resort
· Kayaloram Heritage Lake Resort
· SAAMS Houseboat

Best Party Places

· Vijay Park Amaze World, Alappuzha
· Le Coffee Time
· Cafe Paradiso
· The Lake View Resort
Best Stay Options

· Club Mahindra Lakeview Resort Munnar
· Mountain Club Resort Munnar
· Terrace Green Munnar
· Fort Munnar
· Camelot Resort Munnar

Best Stay Options

· Vivanta by Taj Kumarakom
· The Zuri Kumarakom Kerala Resort and Spa
· Hotel Kumarakom Lake Resort
· Coconut Lagoon Resort
· Water Scapes Backwater Resort

Best Party Places

· The Trunk Call Bar
· Marquees Bar

Best Stay Options

· The Quilon Beach Hotel and Convention Center
· WelcomHotel Raviz Ashtamudi, Kollam
· Fragrant Nature Hotels & Resorts
· Aquaserene Hotel Kollam

Best Party Places

· Neera Bar
· The Sky Bar
· The Bar

Best Stay Options

· The Taj Gateway Hotel Janardhanapuram
· Ayurtheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort, Varkala
· Hindustan Beach Retreat
· Palm Tree Bungalow Varkala
· Hill View Beach Resort Varkala

Best Party Places

· Rock N Roll Cafe
· Chill Out Lounge
· Sky Lounge
· Ginger Lounge / Mango House

Best Stay Options

· Vivanta By Taj Trivandrum
· Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum
· Hotel Hycinth By Sparsa Trivandrum
· Surya Samudra Beach Garden Trivandrum
· Fortune Hotel The South Park, Trivandrum

Best Party Places

· Oakwood Bar
· Swagath Bar
· City Bar
· Caramel

Best places to celebrate New Year in the world

Rio de Janeiro

With warm, sunny weather, panoramic views, and a seductive samba beat, New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is life-affirming. Festivities here are on par with the city’s famous Carnival, and the ultimate celebration is at Copacabana Beach where an estimated two million revelers congregate for music, swimming, football, barbecues, and a massive fireworks display. 

Smaller beaches such as Ipanema and Flamengo, meanwhile, are also worth considering. The restaurants along Copacabana fill up quickly, so early booking is advisable if you want to schedule a NYE dinner. Try Rio institution Bip Bip for live music and local favorite Pavão Azul for its octopus rice and batida de coco, a cocktail made from coconut cream, condensed milk, and cachaça (spirit from fermented sugarcane juice).


New York City

Times Square, with its famous, glittering Ball Drop is one of NYE’s most iconic gatherings, though queues for this tend to start from noon on 31 December. With performances and a midnight rendition of New York, New York, it’s the place to be on NYE, but it’s not the only party destination. 

Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is arguably a better place to see the fireworks, or you can soak up the Manhattan skyline with a river cruise for fireworks, fun, and food. New York rooftop bars are another great location in which to party. Magic Hour is the city’s largest indoor/outdoor rooftop and features an urban amusement part and Empire State Building views.


Experience an alternative New Year’s Eve in Tokyo and see in 2024 the Japanese way with a visit one of the city’s temples for the ringing of the bell ritual. At midnight a monk rings the temple bell 108 times, which correlates to the number of worldly desires recognized by Japanese Buddhism, purifying participants. 

Zōjō-ji, an ancient temple that dates back to 1393, draws both locals and tourists. The main attraction to this site is the hatsumōde, a pilgrimage to visit the first shrine of the New Year. Yokohoma across Tokyo Bay offers laser and light shows if you’d prefer more of a party atmosphere as well as countdown cruises around the bay. The Roppongi area is another NYE hotspot, with plenty of countdown events and all the tunes.

 Cape Town 

Cape Town is just coming into summer at New Year’s Eve, making it an ideal time to visit. It’s a spectacularly beautiful destination and all your NYE options here are exciting. 

The V&A Waterfront holds the biggest party of the year, a free event with musical performances, light shows, and great food from more than 80 restaurants and food trucks. You can also take a cruise around the harbor to see the last sunset of 2024 and, if you want the perfect viewpoint for the fireworks, take a cable car and come armed with a picnic to the top of Table Mountain.


All eyes are on Sydney for New Year’s Eve. The 2018/19 fireworks in Sydney were watched by one million people along the harbor and one billion people worldwide. 

There are vantage points around the city, and you can check online what time they’re likely to get full and whether you can drink alcohol there. Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden is a fabulous venue in which to celebrate the new decade, as is Sydney Harbour National Park, with a choice of parties on the three islands or parks either side of the harbor. A very glamorous option is a night at Sydney Opera House where Puccini’s La Bohème and a performance by Opera Australia are scheduled.


Another city renowned for its high-octane nightlife, the Thai capital doesn’t disappoint on 31 December. The Central World Plaza in Bangkok is the focus for much of the revelry, with a beer garden and live entertainment, while open-air night market Asiatique is another popular NYE destination, where restaurants offer special menus for the evening. 

There are lots of wildly impressive rooftop bars and restaurants to choose from in Bangkok, and you can certainly reach for the stars at the Lebua Hotel at State Tower. It has four altitude-defying restaurants and bars and claims to have the world’s highest outdoor bar. If you’re looking for a romantic evening, take a river cruise on a converted rice barge and feast on a 10-course Thai dinner.


Dubai certainly knows how to throw a party. The fireworks display at the Burj Khalifa is so bright that it can be seen across the Emirates and there are numerous great locations from which to enjoy them, including the breath-taking Kite Beach, where you can bring a picnic. 

Glamorous galas and gourmet soirees abound such as at the opulent Atlantis with free-flowing champagne, live cooking stations, and a monolithic fireworks display, as well as the highly anticipated party at Zero Gravity, which features a "ritual zone" with a silent rave and edible bubbles. 

It seems remiss not to visit Dubai and do a little shopping, in which the Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall can provide the retail experience of dreams.

 St Petersburg 

Moscow is known for its epic New Year’s Eve parties. However, if you want to experience a slightly quieter Russian celebration, the beautiful city of St Petersburg is a winter wonderland. 

The official fireworks take place in front of the Peter and Paul Fortress on the banks of the Neva River, and Palace Square in front of the State Hermitage Museum is where to join the masses. 

Other must-visits are the Strelka with stunning views of the city and Catherine Palace, the summer residence of the tsars, 25km outside of the city. Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker is a Christmas staple all around the world and in St Petersburg, you can see it at the Mariinsky Theatre, where it was first performed in 1892.

 Québec City

Temperatures average -9°C in Québec City in winter but it warms up on New Year’s Eve thanks to heated terraces and outdoor fireplaces. Sipping on Quebec’s caribou, a combination of red wine, hard liquor and maple syrup can also help. 

The main NYE party is at Grande Allée, with live bands, dancing in the streets, Ferris wheels and fireworks, and Place de l’Assemblée-Nationale is where you’ll find a big open-air dance floor on New Year’s Eve. Sample some of Québec’s famous cuisine at Auberge Saint Antoine’s Chez Muffy restaurant, which features regional produce. 

But before that, work up an appetite by tobogganing at Terrasse Dufferin Slides or by skating under the stars on the ice rink at Place d'Youville. 

 Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip becomes party-central on New Year’s Eve, as it closes off traffic from 6pm so visitors can take to the streets for the world’s biggest block party. 

The fireworks display is choreographed from seven different casino roofs, lighting up the Nevada sky.  As well as the Strip, the Freemont street party is always worth catching, with pyrotechnics, bands and an EDM stage with aerialists and dancers, and an appearance by Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman. 

This year you can rock out to some of the hottest entertainers around with shows from Lady Gaga at Park MGG; Maroon 5 at Mandalay Bay; and Christina Aguilera at Planet Hollywood.  Another great way to see in 2024 is to book a pod on the High Roller the world’s tallest observation wheel for impressive views of Sin City.

 How to celebrate New Year 2024

 Welcoming New Year is the kind of ritual that people attach with a great deal of importance. It’s an opportunity to re-organize and restart our life, maybe even on a different path, or with different people. So mainly New Year is all about a new beginning. 

And to start the journey on an aesthetically pleasing level, people often make plans for trips and parties or specific routines regarding how they’d wish to celebrate the beginning of the year.

 The plans, of course, differ from person to person. Some plans their whole day at home, with friends and family, having conversations and raising a toast in the joy of setting their feet on another year together. 

Some plans getaways and parties to have a really fun and enjoyable surrounding as they step in the New Year. Some choose to have a special dinner meal or watch a New Year kind of movie. 

Well, like I said, the planning and plotting of how to begin a new year are spectacularly different from person to person and country to country and culture to culture.
 The options are endless regarding where one would want to spend their New Year. Starting from hitting a club to traveling to a different continent, we do chalk it out. If you are someone who likes to be around loud music, crazy drinks, non-stop dancing, 

you’d probably choose a club or arrange a bombastic party at your place. If you’re the traveling type you’d probably choose to fly to some different place than your regular surroundings to spend quality time. 

If you’re someone who thrives in silence, you have already made a list of movies that you’d watch at home while baking cakes and cookies.
 This time of the year is full of lights and good vibes wrapping us all in a ball of warmth and love. One can never feel anything less than grateful and blessed and full of energy while garlanding the arrival of another prosperous year.

New Year 2024 Celebration in India

During this time of the year, every club and pub and various such places will be hosting mind-blowing parties no matter at which corner of the world you live in. 

And in India, you’ll always come across different such events with a twist of culture and elegance. We hope you do have an awesome experience here. 
Some of the parties you’d never want to miss, in case you do live anywhere around these places in India are-

 1. New Year in Goa

 Location – South India (Near Maharashtra)
 Nearest international airport – Goa
 Goa is famous for its beach, nightlife, casino, and party.
 Attractions – Anjuna beach, Cavelossim beach and many other beaches, spice plantation, Churches, party houses and others
 Best New Year’s activities – discos, in-house party, beach open-air party and New Year Eve cruise
 Top spots to stay in Goa – Marriott group of resorts, Taj Exotica, Citadel De Goa and others
 Goa is an epic spot for anyone who loves to party. The place is filled with beaches, which are famous for nighttime parties. The frequency and lux of these parties really amplify during this festival. Many resorts provide poolside parties and in-house celebrations too.
 Are you looking for a little spiritual time? There are a few churches to visit here. In case you are looking for a romantic celebration, you can always choose any private celebration or cruise to be in the water when the ball drops.
 One of the most popular New Year carnivals is The Sunburn festival, it is filled with interesting people, seafood and booze. Dance the night away on the sand to the beats of the most popular DJ’s under the stars. 

It is a place where the parties do not stop. In the mornings relax at one of the beach shacks on the beach or plunge in for a dive or a surf ride.

 2. New Year in Bangalore
 Location – Karnataka 
 Nearest international airport – Bangalore
 Popularly known for Parties, Heritage sites, Shopping, Nature, Wildlife and others
 Attractions – Lal Bagh gardens, temples, places, Peninsular Gneiss, theme parks, and others
 New Year’s activities that one might enjoy- Parties, Buffets, In-house parties in Resorts and others
 Top spots to nest in Bangalore – The Paul, Bangalore, Clark’s Exotica and others
 Bangalore is not just about technologies and modernity. Culture is valued as a part of life here. Therefore it is clear that the city takes every festival to the grandest level possible. The city is famous for serene parties within resorts. 

There are also party halls and disco houses with interesting themes and celebrations. Shopping gets more interesting during the festival season. The winter is the right time to visit the place to enjoy the natural attractions like wildlife national parks, boating, and others.

3. New Year Party in Mumbai

 Location – Maharashtra
 Nearest international airport – Mumbai
 Famous for – Beach, Nightlife, and Party
 Attractions – Gateway of India, Beaches, Churches, Essel world, Nariman point, Shopping, Bandra and others
 New Year’s activities include Discos, Parties, Beach celebrations, and others
 Top spots to nest in Mumbai are Oberoi Mumbai, Taj Palace, and others
 Mumbai is a city that is full of dreams. It has managed to link its culture to that of the Western world. The city is always in a hyper party mode, even during the lean tourist season.
 Think about the city during vacations. The hotels will be filled with celebrations. Nightlife will be at prime. Discos will be entertaining with new styles. Another important point to mention, the markets will be filled with exotic souvenirs.
 Many prefer to spend the New Year in beach locations. The celebrations will be milder and silent than the public places but the excitement and enjoyment are guaranteed. Do visit the Gateway of India at midnight to enjoy the fireworks that go on-air exactly when the ball drops.

4. New Year Party in Delhi

 Location – Near Uttar Pradesh
 Nearest international airport – Delhi
 Famous for Party hub, Shopping, and others
 Attractions – Qutub Minar, Lotus temple, Lodhi Gardens, Chandini Chowk, Red fort and others
 New Year’s activities include Parties, Celebrations in Red Fort, Official celebrations in Parliament house, a shopping spree at Connaught Place and others
 Top spots to nest in Delhi – Roseate, Leela Palace and others
 If you are a party animal, this will be your heaven. Several party houses, discos, and resorts arrange as much entertainment as possible. You can locate several signatures styled New Year parties in Delhi.

 There are also performing art shows, concerts, historical walks visiting the heritage of the old part of the city. You'll find people going on a food walk through the famous restaurants and cafes or partying with great music.

 And in case you are searching for a different way to celebrate, visit Red Fort at mid-night. You'll find many stalls, exhibitions, and a buffet around the city to shop and dine. Some choose to peacefully welcome the New Year in Lotus temple.

 Delhi is the city that is the center of happenings in India during the freezing winters. Come to New Delhi for an all-around fun New Year’s Eve. You'll also find several signatures styled New Year parties in Delhi.

5. New Year Party in Kolkata

  Location – West Bengal
 Nearest international airport – Kolkata
 Famous for – Parties, Banquets, and Music
 Attractions – Howrah bridge, Temples, Golf courses, Gardens, Memorials, Monuments, and many others
 New Year’s activities include Music concerts, Social Parties, Masquerade Night, Banquets and others
 Top spots to nest in Kolkata are The Park, Blue Nile Resto and Lounge and others
 Kolkata is the place where New Year’s parties go jazz and hip. It's a place where you can enjoy good cocktails, bursting music, theme parties and much more. The choice is always yours to decide the style of celebration you want to be in when the clock strikes twelve. 

 We are providing a list you may want to visit during New Year 2024. Also another important tip we would like you to be informed about will be to kindly conduct good quality research by yourself, before finalizing a plan. 

Just a small measure to ensure that nothing at all can interrupt your fun! The choice lies completely upon you regarding how you wish to celebrate, where you wish to celebrate and with whom you wish to celebrate. If you find our effort encouraging enough, do share our post with your friends, family, and colleagues. 


New Year trips

1. Thailand
 Thailand is probably one of the most famous places and also one of the cheapest New Year destinations among all the international New Year holiday destinations in Asia. Tourists from all over the globe arrive on this to a tropical paradise that is the home to picturesque beaches, artistic temples, and mouthwatering cuisine.
 Recommended places one might want to visit are Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Chiang Mai, and Krabi
Accommodation in Bangkok:
The Step Sathon
Atelier Suites 
 2. Cambodia
 Starting from the temples of Angkor Wat to the beaches of Sihanoukville, Cambodia is definitely becoming a favorite off-beat destination among tourists looking for other places for the new year that are needed to be explored in Asia. When the Angelina Jolie leading Hollywood-action flick ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider’ released, Cambodia quickly became a hotspot for tourists.
 Recommended places to visit here are Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, and Koh Rong Islands
 Accommodation in Siem Reap:
Firefly Guesthouse
Oriental Siem Reap

 3. Vietnam
 Vietnam is not only a country of Southeast Asia, but it's also a living and breathing story of a land that overcame hardships to blossom into a peaceful country with a warm and welcoming heart. There are rivers, caves, temples, authentic cuisine, mountains, and beaches. Vietnam has everything that the best-budgeted destinations during New Year can provide. Visit Vietnam for an epic vacation.
 Recommended places to visit are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Ha Long
Ho Chi Minh-Saigon Inn 
Hanoi-Lavender Old Quarter Hotel

4. Oman
 Creativity and an open-minded attitude are definitely the two essentials that every traveler needs to have while looking out for New Year holiday destinations. 

Earlier perceived mainly as a business hub for oil, Oman is now slowly shedding its image of a businessmen's only approach to a vibrant country that opens its doors to tourists that are curious to know more about the Bedouin culture. It is one of the cheapest places to travel for New Year’s celebrations.
 Recommended places to visit are Muscat, Musandam Fjords, and Nizwa
 Accommodations in Muscat:
Weekend Hotel & Apartments 

5. Russia
 Russia is one of the best destinations for all those who are looking for options for cheap foreign trips from India. Lifting the air of suspicion and mystery from Russia is a very important step to make the travelers see the real beauty and grandeur of the largest country in the world. 

Places like St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod definitely highlight the long-forgotten Russian culture of hospitality and royalty which is more often than not overshadowed by the world media, that makes it one of the best New Year holiday destinations.
 Recommended places to visit are Moscow, St Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg
Accommodations in Moscow
Hotel Marsel na Mayakovskoy 
Winterfell on Tsvetnoy Bulvar 

6. Bali
 Whether it’s the nightclubs, or the fireworks, no matter what you want Bali has it all in one place. With every passing year, New Year parties come in bigger and better forms and nothing can beat its extravaganza. Enthralling musical festivals and events are hosted during this time which is not just exciting but makes the perfect place to welcome 2024with a bash. Dance under the stars or go surfing, just have a great time!
 Recommended places to visit are Ubud, Kuta, Denpasar, Jimbaran
 Accommodations in Bali-
Bahi Bohemia 
The LOVINA Bali Resort
Ashoka Tree Resort 

 7. India 
  India is a land of diverse cultures. People from different ethnicity and religions with different cultural values live united together. According to the Gregorian calendar, New Year is celebrated on 1st January, every year. But according to the Hindu calendar, New Year in India is celebrated at different times of the year at different places. 

New Year is celebrated in different states of India at the time of harvesting of crops and the celebration of this similar event is varied and also known by different names in various regions.

 No matter where you plan your trip, North India, South India, East or West, you’ll witness a grand celebration of New Year in each and every place. 

In the metropolitan cities, you’ll get to experience parties and events and shows hosted in a grand way, and in other parts of the country you’ll get a bit more authentic feel according to where you head towards. One thing we can guarantee you is that you won’t regret even a penny. 

The people, the culture, and simply the aroma of this south Asian country will be embedded in your soul forever, only making you want to visit again.  

8. USA
 The new year is welcomed with fireworks and parties and special events, which are often televised for people who chose to stay indoors. Not many offices are in function during this time. Parades are held in some towns and cities and games are arranged. 
Some of the most happening places to be in during this New year will be-

 a) New York City

 This is the place where the legendary party is thrown in Time Square at the beginning of every year. The famous countdown to the dropping of the ball! It's a show like no other. 
And if you don't want to be there amidst hundreds of people there's always another option of watching in a T.V. in the comfort of your own home. 
Some pretty amazing bar or club you might want to check out if you're there are- Le Buodoir and Baby's All right. There will also be plenty of New Year's Eve Concerts and shows to attend along with New Year's Eve Cruises. 

b) Los Angeles

 Another gorgeous location to spend your new year! If you choose LA to make sure to witness the traditional Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. Here' too, plenty of parties, balls, and fireworks are hosted. There's Cleopatra's ball, EVE at the universal Studios and also a Glow Party at Marina del Ray.

c) Chicago 

 This time of the year, Chicago is pretty brutally cold but that doesn't mean there aren't some hot parties and some family fun too. It is, after all a must-see during New Year's Eve. 

There's Navy-Pier if you opt for family-friendly entertainment, rides, and attractions. During the midnight you'll get to see the magnificent kaleidoscopic fireworks synchronized to inspiring music over Lake Michigan. 

And if you are in a mood to party, there's Lincoln Park Zoo, which will be decked out in millions of glittering lights. Plus, enjoy ice carving, cash bars, a live DJ, giveaways, games, free carousel rides, and more. Kids are also more than welcome to the party

d) Las Vegas

 The roster of high-rolling activity on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas is exhausting, with blockbuster shows and loads of parties. On the last night of the year, the entire Las Vegas Strip is shut down to traffic, and it becomes like one giant block party for more than 300,000 people. At midnight, the casinos launch a choreographed fireworks display.
 And if you are in the mood of an adventure, Sundance Helicopters will have a limousine pick you up and take you to your helicopter, where you can toast the New Year with champagne as you fly over the Las Vegas Strip and watch the firework from above.

7. London 
 Picked London as your destination to welcome New Year 2024 with a bang? Well, worry no more. We are here with a precise list of places you must visit in this fabulous place if you want to taste the posh culture of London! Starting from gay bars to rooftop bars, with a mind-blowing view of the city, you can choose whatever you wish. There are shows and activities all around the place. 

Not one corner of the street is silent or dull. And the fireworks are just the cherry on the cake. Some super fun places to hit this time around are- 
 a) Searcys at The Gherkin
b) Palm Court at The Ritz
c) Thames fireworks
d) Drinks at the Shard
e) The ultimate prohibition party

8. Brazil
  Spending New Year's Eve in Brazil will not only make you feel special religiously but also spiritually and personally. The procedure of welcoming New Year is taken very seriously by the Brazilians. 

There are enormous celebrations held and people take part in a number of rituals and traditions. And guess what! December is a summer month there, therefore, no stress about the cold weather. You'll get to bask under the sun and have a gala time in Brazil's gorgeous weather and stunning natural beauty! Some of the must-visit spots here-
 a) Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro
b) Alter do Chão, Pará
c) Litoral Norte
d) Garopaba, Santa Catarina
e) Visconde de Mauá, Rio de Janeiro
f) Porto Seguro, Bahia
g) Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goiás
h) Jericoacoara, Ceará
i) São Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas
j) São Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas  Hey! 

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