Lohri 2023 Images, Pictures, Whatsapp Status,Wishes,Messages, Quotes, Greetings

 Lohri 2023 Images, Pictures, Whatsapp Status, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings

Happy Lohri
Happy Lohri

Lohri is a traditional festival in Punjab. It is celebrated majorly by Sikhs and Hindus of the Indian subcontinent. Lohri Celebration marks the end of winter and is a festival of joy. Lohri is observed each year the night before Makar Sankranti.


Lohri Story


According to some folktales, Lohri was celebrated to welcome the long sunny days after the end of the winter solstice. 


There are a number of Lohri Myths surrounding the festival. Some believe that it is related to the harvest of rabi crops which is why it’s also known as the Lohri Harvest Festival


Others believe that it has some correlation with the wife of Saint Kabir whose name was Lohi, as, in rural Punjab, this festival is known as Lohi.


Significance Of Lohri/ Lohri History


There exists a number of stories surrounding the origin of Lohri. Some say the origin of Lohri was somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains. There are also tales that connect this celebration of Lohri with 'Dulla Bhatti', who was a local hero in the region of Punjab during the rule of Akbar. 


He is known to have saved a group of young girls from being sold for slavery purposes. His deeds have been deeply inculcated in the Punjabi folklores and are deemed as a legend. Various songs and dances are performed in his honor on the day of the Lohri celebration


Why do we burn pyre on Lohri? 


It is one of the Lohri traditions. The ritualistic significance of the burning pile of woods stems from the belief that the flames of the pyre shall carry the prayers of the people to the sun god who in turn radiates warmth and light on the planet for the crops to grow and ends the gloomy winter days. This particular setup is also called Lohri Bonfire.


Lohri 2023 Date


This year's Lohri 2023 is to be celebrated on 13th of January, which falls on a Thursday. 


Lohri Food


5 major food items consumed during the Lohri Celebration are Sarson da saag, Makki Ki Roti, Atta ladoo, Gur ki gajak and Dahi Bhalla.


Lohri Greetings

On this auspicious occasion of Lohri, I pray for good health for you and your family.

May your home light up with blessings and your life with prosperity. Happy Lohri 2023.


Lohri Greetings In Hindi

हवाओं के साथ अरमान भेजा है,

नेटवर्क के जरिए पैगाम भेजा हैं,

फुर्सत मिले तो कबूल कर लेना,

हमने सबसे पहले आपको,

लोहड़ी का पैगाम भेजा है।

हैप्पी लोहड़ी!


Lohri Greetings In Punjabi

Hath wich mungfli,

muh wich reodi,

la ke ghut thodi thodi,

fer bolo…..




Lohri Messages

Hope you have a lovely day today. Happy Lohri 2023.

May you enjoy this Lohri with all your loved ones and cherish the moments. Happy Lohri 2023.


Lohri Messages For Whatsapp

On this bright and happy day of Lohri, I send you all my good wishes. Happy Lohri 2023.

Praying that this harvest season brings happiness and fortune to you and your family. Happy Lohri 2023.


Lohri Quotes

Wishing that the warmth from the Lohri Bonfire and sweetness of the gud and Rewari never goes away from your life. Happy Lohri 2023.


Lohri Status

May this Lohri fill your heart with love and hope. Happy Lohri 2023.

I hope this season of harvest brings abundance to your life. Happy Lohri 2023.


Lohri Wishes

May this Lohri be filled with love and endless joy. Happy Lohri 2022.

Wishing you harmony and peace on this glorious occasion of Lohri. Happy Lohri 2023.


Lohri Wishing Quotes

May this Lohri mark the end of all your troubles. Happy Lohri 2023.

Hope you get to have a blissful and magnificent Lohri this year. Happy Lohri 2023.


Lohri Wishing Message

Hope you receive all that your heart desires on this happy occasion of Lohri. Happy Lohri 2023.

On this auspicious occasion of Lohri, I wish you and your family loads of happy moments and warmth. Happy Lohri 2023.


Happy Lohri Message

May love and light guide you to the best that this life can offer. Happy Lohri 2023.

Sending you heartfelt warmth and love on this Lohri. Stay safe, Happy Lohri 2023.


Happy Lohri Wishes

Wish you a very happy Lohri with all your best mates and family. Happy Lohri 2023.

Dance and sing all through the bliss of Lohri and have a night full of enjoyment. Wishing you a very Happy Lohri 2023.


Happy Lohri Quotes

I believe this Lohri will bring you all the happiness that you deserve and rid you of all your worries. Happy Lohri 2023.

Hope you get to spend this Lohri with joy and love in your heart. Happy Lohri 2023.


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