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Farewell Images, Wishes, Status, SMS, Messages

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Farewell is to au revoir good wishes on parting.

A farewell is a basic expression of good wishes at a parting. If we leave a job or college or school after being there a long time, our co-workers or friends throw a farewell party.

Farewell is a "goodbye," but also a noun — if we like to leave without a lot of chaos, we earn farewells.

Farewell, a party is more like a memorable way to bid goodbye. It is likened to a get-together for the lasting memory of family, friends, and well-wishers.

We attribute farewells in different stages.  A farewell is a celebration saying bye to a beloved friend or by moving towns, position, transfer with a framing celebration.

We celebrate farewell by acknowledging the place held in our lives by the person whether it be a company, grandpa, assistant, or someone we didn't know well but admired. We celebrate what the person, a part of our lives. We celebrate the qualities of the person.

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Farewell picture

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Farewell Meaning 

Farewell is a gathering kind of celebration for the seniors stepping out of the institution. 

Juniors with their senior's luck for their futures and big adventures in various forms by singing, dancing, drama and with motivational speeches and gift them.

Farewell, party is more like a stored goodbye. People always cherish the last time spent together because it tends to overshadow other times.

Farewell wishes

“We could be better than us. Let's pledge for the wonderful years we spent.”

“Farewell, always makes my voice tremble and tears roll.”

“Let's make a plan to meet Friday at 7 PM - same place, same us.”

“I like us better when we are together .”

“Midnight omelet long walks to reach, and gathering feels farewell.”

“Burning hours of working, staying awhile, meeting unknown faces in the farewell.”

“Weapons of monthly targets. Ended in the farewell.”

“We all found someone or the other truly until this farewell.”

“Dear students, wish you a very attentive, credit life.”

“The last benchers are the best history creators after farewell.”

“Future in-store, the creator's dropout before the farewells.”

“Laminate the painting of farewell in the portrayal of 18 years.”

“Now, therefore the farewell is happening. Finally, we graduated to get a pad for work.”

“Better luck for your whistled luck from the farewell.”

“We all wish you achievement and beast success.”

Farewell quotes 


“Farewells are the love of separations.”

“A pleasant conversation departs to farewell”

“We grew up to handle risks from the farewell”

“On the farewell. One said Hello, and the other said GoodBye.”

“I danced to express my farewell”

“Messages unfold the strings of memories of farewell.”

“The pout of the champagne bid the last cheer.”

“I felt respected in the morning of the farewell”

“Participants and the elders showed their talents on the leaving farewell.”

“Support and appreciations filled the eyes on the farewell”

“Colourful cultures dressed the hall celebrating the tribute.”

 “Shining, clearly impeccable guitars tuned the stage of farewell.”

  “I feel happy for your future and the propaganda you hit.”

Farewell message 

“Nothing can touch the brightness of your success journey.”

“The farewell parties are channels .”

“I owed the best wishes and messages to my lovely students for their future.”

“The farewell is the landing dreams of the beginners.”

“I cannot say goodbye today, as moments will be lasting forever.”

“You shared time, I share dreams- Bidding Farewell.”

“The corridors of the school, college and offices echo Ciao Farewell.”

“The advice is rooted in mind. Revising until the days of farewell.”

“You just need to start to be amazing.’

“Till the farewell journey was the speedo.”

“The legacy of farewells will keep ongoing.”

“Compensation is the gift of work and earnings.”

“Teachers are the guardian angels who set us free on farewells.”

“A beautiful blend of reliefs and lessons swifts after the day of farewells.”

“Farewells are the most expected and demanded celebrations and parties ever wanted and needed.”

Farewell wishes for boss 

“Our boss made us work and an excuse to make us powerful till his farewell.”

 “All the workplaces shut, on the day of his farewell.”

“Wanderer mystical moment when Sir said Bye.”

 “Helm of the project we wish the best to our owner.”

“A companion to boss- farewell to your journey.”  

 “Boss you gave the direction and now you proffer farewell.”

“A leader of vision giving authority. I salute you to farewell.” 

“You were the best glory I ever had for guidance. Goodbye”  

“Affection for this master will live forever. Keep peace to reach the sky.” 

“You were the parcel I received when I joined. Now you have become my uploaded post. Keep contact.”

“I will keep disturbing you even after your farewell. Catch you at the beer cafe.” 

“Under your hierarchy, I was the best. Miss you Boss.” 

Farewell wishes to colleagues

“You were such a darling to us. We will miss our lunchtime.”

“You were a responsible one. You have the hunger to earn more.”

“You yourself are the assets and liabilities of your entire life. Stay healthy to work.”

“Make more new friends keep your smile ongoing throughout.”

“This farewell is just the pinnacle of your education.”

“Your tomorrow’s determination will make the amount of your foundation.”

“Think before you decide.”

“Stop regretting and start a universal motto. Missus too.”

“You are starting your degree of education and tasks from today.”

“Watch your target minutely to detect false. Moreover, we are always beside you.”

“Good Luck with your job, business. Relationships and life.”

“The beautiful moments we spent together were funny working together- solving problems and charge sheets all night.”

“Teasing and proposing, variate and movie nights- was a coaster trip”

Colleague Farewell wishes

“You are going away with the delight of newness and the people in your new place.”


“Even after so many years, all the tryouts and insecurities are beautiful- my colleague.”


  “My dearest colleague, it is going to be wonderful, after this farewell.” 


“All these years, you made me an experienced and humble guy. Miss you dear.”


“Where will I get such a trustworthy honest colleague, friend, and a brother to work and stay with.”


“I never understood the difference between saying goodbye and feeling goodbye.”


“Your intelligence attracts everyone. See got attracted by better chances.”


“I wish you to win tons of cards and become the king, the market, and ace hearts.”


“My colleague- achieving success will take you and stay with your family and give you respect.”

“Congratulations on a new proposal journey. I prepared myself and made my heart strong for today and rested.”

 “The pool of trust and honesty of lessons of years. Hope you love my gift.”

 “I just bought a present for my colleague who became my mentor and I feel like crying holding you in my arms for the hard times at work.”

Co-workers farewell wishes

“Your service was luck for us. Bless us.”

“I wrote a poem for you and brought a greetings card.”

“The warmest commitment you gave for our company.”

“We are grateful for your contributions.”

“You are the most deserving co-worker I ever had.”

“New team, new intern, new training, a new position, but experienced you.”

“Your leadership made the pudulence of our company to the next level.”

“Your loyalty was contagious for our company. All the best for your next level.”

“Good people are a gift of surprise. You brought a difference of excellence in the company.”

“ You are a diligent, reliable co-worker. Thank You for your excel .”

“Today feel free to speak. A nice collaboration with a great sense of humor from my co-worker.”

“The canteen and the after office gossip- navigates a co-worker like you.”

“Congratulations! You earned your retirement.”

“Today this entire farewell party is just for you my pal. Everyone over here has something special for you.”

“I am happy that you liked our surprise. A little try to make your day special.”

Farewell quotes to coworkers

“A great coworker is harder to find than an easy-going hi hello colleague.”

“ From today we will start new memories and re cherish the past ones.”

“ You are the pioneer of my working book. You were my home to work.”

“An Adieu becomes a necessary beginning for us.”

“We the coworkers will travel the horizons of the lens.”

“Offering the place to space, new stages of change.”

“Company is not a place, it's a temple of earring living.”

“Meeting again is certain, dismayed by friends and coworkers Adios.”

“Old chapters got packed and new lessons going to start.”

“Loved ones are here, to the sparling party and the magical carpet of memories.”

“Associated with this organization, conducting smoothly this party- Ciao.”

“Be proud and happy for what happened. The unforgettable tea times.”

“Great preachings, wandering, and hard work for appraisals- Well job my co-worker.”

“Your humanity is touched by all. Your expression is healing for the company.”

Funny farewell quotes

“Please don't leave me in this world of Humpty dumpty work.”

“Our tuning was like a fork, tower like a bridge in the school.”

“Retirement is the answer for our boss.”

“All these days we woke up screaming but from now I would wake up dreaming.’

“I was sad once when my coworker got a promotion in a different department and now I want to cry as my co-worker is getting a farewell.”

“All the best for finding more mischievous colleagues than us.’

“My moving chair and table- you will be missed.”

“New chapter starts next day with a new mailbox and desk.”

“Boss- as you leave the office and I clear the cabin I sigh relief but today I will leave before you.”

“Goodbye- going to catch big pokemon nextly.”

“My favorite coworker is the tea coffee machine with two biscuits.”

“My wishbones are tickling to bid today.”

“Anyone can be smart at work in private but it also needs the practice to stabilize.”

Farewell quotes to a friend

“With whom I will perform stupidity with an excuse at work?”

“Friends enjoy in the farewell for the upcoming new ships coming next to enjoy more.”

“Thank you for everything-that extra men and help for ppts.”

“Our friendship left prints in the company in everyone’s heart.”

“So, when are we going to meet after this party? Metro gate or bike stand to go?”

“Opportunities made us colleagues, mentalities made us friends.”

“Sing a song for me- let's dance again.”

“I found the richness and depth of farewell with friends.”

“In difficult times you were a decision-maker in mind.”

“We were known as the ideal blaster of excusing work and party Friday night.”

“We don't have to pay for our meals anymore.”

“Our complexity and simplicity will lead the friendship from the company till our death.”

“Our love for work and fight for promotion over late-night pizza slices will be prolonged in this frame.”

“The secret to our success of friendship is waking up to running on the bus together tying ties.”

“I will miss you in the office.”

Farewell message to coworker

“Our lively groups, lunches, and dinners had lasting impacts on us.”

“I am fond of our parties of project approvals in the seminar rooms.”

“The career and leadership future of working between coworkers is Eminem.”

“You have been supportive and lucky during the working and a load of pressure times.”

“Your dependable goodwill has taken us so far my mate .”

“Sweet memories with coworkers are void of tasks. Keep in touch socially.”

“Thank you for everything. But your inspiration encouraged me.”

“Competitive opportunities are awaiting us but can’t forget the fresher's time.”

“From the day of our training. We kept our ethical commitment by co-in-partner.”

“I received a treasure in this company. When I opened it, I found my good and better coworkers.”

“Increased efficiency is a reminder to follow miles of smiles in the journey.”

“In this farewell, our bond of a coworker is ending and the relationship of friendship began.”

“I got the best staff hunter between the networks of work.”

“Our band of coworkers got scrambled between targets and the appraisals- Good luck for future leaps.”

Coworker farewell message

“You put the mark of hard work endeavoring the last day at work.”

“Working with coworkers is a marvelous trophy for the next upcoming work.”

“Privilege to make another working chapter with you my coworker.”

“A company is in good hands when he has best coworkers.”

“Take care, goodbye in the last farewell. I am grateful to work with you all.”

“Job life is a gamble. I got the best boss and obliged coworkers.”

“I got success pleas due to my lovely coworkers.”

“I kept spectacular pictures of each and every moment of the days spent with the staff, boss, and my coworkers.”

“The illuminating capacity of my coworkers prey like a hunk in professional fields.”

“My message for all the coworkers- always work hard and learn from your tasks.”

“I pen pointing to this day of my life. Hope to work with you again in some different way.”

“Come to my home after the farewell. Let's have dinner. Let's have a ball, my coworkers.”

“Life is full of byte coworkers. All came into our pocket benefits.”

“I earned my retirement with my escalating coworkers.”

Farewell message colleague 

Going to miss my colleagues each and every moment of working hours at home.”

“Thank you for making the workplace joyous with positive posters.”

“Colleagues uncomparable knowledge and the diary of team works is universal.”

“It is a difficult part of the serial series to stuff this pain and say bye to the colleagues ”

“The contractual acts of the colleagues from wine to sprite are immortal.”

“Optimal miles recognized by colleagues and they made memories melted in heart”

“A specific relief is only from working with colleagues in a company.”

“Colleagues make work treatise and concise hardships of work and time.”

“On an exhaustive day, colleagues light up the whole projects in divisions.”

“In my job life, I met smart and intelligent colleagues who made plans, ideas, tricks even in hectic shots.”

“My colleagues blow whistles during my entire job life. I am blessed to have them.”

“My colleagues are pieces of specimens to work with. I Will miss the jokes and the sharings ever.”

“Those parties on the days of salary pay, will always be young and momentum of life.”

“The working hours and the 10 mins break with a lemon tea with colleagues and discussing the issues has another place in life.”

“The essence of prayers may always bless my colleagues- I wish on this farewell day.”

“My colleagues are the pearl found in the oyster covered under the sand, deep down the ocean.”

Farewell message from the boss

“You have to be the potter of your career, edit your last seconds.” 


“Be the ideal hardworking wrath.”  


“The thorny walls of life will never spare. Work smartly.” 


“Be your own captain and sail away from the backwaters.” 


“My departure will make you strong to work forward.” 


“Efficient work will heighten the lapse of time. Think and do.” 


 “Principles of business talks – my boss, said us being a teacher. Farewell.”


“A charming journey with you funny guy. Don't let others point on you.”


“Difficulties are like quitting. Push worth it.”


“Good Luck with your excellence and dreams.”


“Learn to answer life’s questions and imaginations.”


“Build your own phases to see your own reflections at last.”


“Aspiration is the way to aptitude- the boss ended.”


“There is no finish line for work. Both are important- why you reach and how you reach.”

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