Halloween is America's most popular holidays. However, it's not all fancy dresses and candy. The countries which celebrate Halloween represents for them a time of superstitions and the paranormal. Increasingly it seems that this ghostly holiday is also a time for sugar-coated abundance.

With one-quarter of America's annual confectionery sales also occurring during Halloween. However, it has not always been this way. Halloween is celebrated around the world in many different forms. It varies from one place to another. In the United States, the celebration revolves around trick-or-treating in costume, whereas people in Germany do a festive lantern procession. Irish people celebrate with cakes. Most other cultures have put their own twist on this festival.



halloween wish

Halloween wish

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Halloween wishes images

halloween images

Halloween images

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witch images

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scary Halloween images

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Halloween wishes quotes

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halloween pictures scary

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Halloween greetings quotes

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happy Halloween

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famous Halloween sayings

History of Halloween

When people think about Halloween, they mostly think of trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples, parties and parades, and other family-friendly activities. While Halloween disguises as harmless fun, it’s pretty serious business for witchcraft and paganism, which believes that on the night of Halloween, devils, and spirits are unleashed.

They perform the most hideous and potent rituals on the night of Halloween. It originated with Celts, more than 2000 years ago, a tribe whose culture had spread across Europe. They celebrated a festival called Samhain on November 1st. On the night of Samhain, the villagers would gather and light huge bonfires to send the spirits back into their world and keep them away from the living. They believed that the veil separating the living from the dead was the thinnest during that night. But the Catholic church in Europe frowned upon the pagan rituals like Samhain. During the 7th century,

The Vatican began to collaborate with a church-sanctioned holiday. So November 1st was named as All Saints Day to honor martyrs and the faithful deceased. Both of these holidays were related to the afterlife and also about survival after death. It was a measured move on the part of the Church to include more people into their wings.

All Saints Day was then known by Hallam as’ hallow means holy or saintly, which can be roughly translated into the mass of the saints. The night before October 31st was called All Hallows Eve, which slowly changed to Halloween. During the 1840s because of the potato famine, the Irish immigrants who entered America brought this festival with them. They also introduced their holiday customs; including bobbing for apples and playing tricks on neighbors by removing gates from the front of their houses.

The pranksters wore masks to disguise themselves. But gradually the tradition of harmless tricks took shape of outright vandalism. Back in the 1930s, Halloween became a dangerous holiday. Such hooliganism was involved that trick-or-treating became a serious problem of extortion deal. So much so, that the store-keepers and neighbors started giving bribes to stop the tricks. Children were encouraged to go from door-to-door to treat as opposed to troublemaking.

Halloween night

Halloween night

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flying witch images 

halloween quotes

Halloween quotes

halloween quotes

Halloween quotes

Halloween pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin

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spooky Halloween pictures

Halloween Day

On the day of Halloween in modern times, the celebration of this festival has toned down to just kids going from one house to another in the fun of trick-or-treating. Which, later, they all sit together to count the number of treats they had received. Adults partake in this celebration by decorating their homes with various decorating items and giving a spooky vibe to their homes.

They also buy or make chocolates or treatments of various sorts to give to the children who knock on their doors. It’s overall a fun and goofy night. The streets get lighted up with pumpkin lights and get filled with a number of children wearing costumes of their favorite superhero or of aliens and ghosts. They roam around the whole night playing pranks or receiving treats.

Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup is an interesting concept, not just for regular people but also for artists and the beauty industry. Though the relation of Halloween with the beauty industry is recent, the gains are pretty high. People in order to create a perfect disguise or a perfect look for the Halloween, they rely largely on makeup products.

Which in turn results in huge profits for the industry. Also, the creativity to showcase different looks are marketed in unique ways to lure customers. It’s a brilliant and well-calculated step. 

Halloween costumes

So the costume part of Halloween is probably the most fun as well as the investing part. And not just financially, but also from the creativity part. It takes a good amount of thinking to finally decide who or what one wants to be, and after that comes the part of putting up the required essentials piece by piece to finally reach the destination of one’s desired Halloween costume.

Well, obviously there’s the option of buying readymade costumes, but firstly, it’s costlier than stitching one or arranging one by one’s self. When you buy a costume, there’s pretty much no space to apply your own thoughts or ideas. But making one from scratch sure is a fun and artistic way to represent your thoughts.

Halloween celebration

Halloween is associated with a number of activities, one of which is the practice of pranking people. Celebrants wear masks and costumes to disguise themselves from being recognized as they pull off pranks on one another. A similar festival is celebrated throughout the world but in different names and ways as well as on different dates. In Mexico, it is Día de Los Muertos or "Day of The Dead”.

It is celebrated annually on 1st and 2nd November. People there dress up as their ancestors and build private altars called “ofrendas”. They use ofrendas to present gifts- from sugar skulls to tequila – to the dead. In China, the name is The Hungry Ghost Festival, which is celebrated throughout Hong Kong and China for one month. It starts from the seventh day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar.

The festival includes parades, operas, burning incense, food for the dead and operas, burning incense, and operatic performances to entertain the spirits. The spirits are served food as well. In Scotland and Ireland, the festival is called Samhain. Halloween evolved from the Celtic holiday Samhain. It’s the time of New Year for them.

Celebrated on October 31st. Mostly celebrated in the UK, precisely Scotland and also in some parts of Ireland. It involves fortune-telling and lighting bonfires. In Haiti, another version of Halloween is celebrated, named Fed Gede or the “Festival of the Ancestors”. Fed Gede is a Voodoo holiday celebrated in parts of Haiti and other voodoo communities around the world.

This celebration involves lighting candles, journeying to their ancestors’ grave and drinking rum infused with chilies. In Northern Ireland, it’s called Banks of Foyle. It is believed that Ireland was the first to celebrate this festival. Although nowadays it is celebrated in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Europe's largest Halloween carnival,

Banks of Foyle, offers everything from a grand parade to an interactive haunted house experience, all in Londonderry. In South Korea, Chuseok is the Halloween version of theirs. It is basically a harvest festival which is a three days long festival. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.

It is a celebration of thanksgiving. South Koreans visit their hometowns and share a traditional feast to pay respects to their ancestors. In Italy, Halloween is celebrated in the name of Tutti I Morti. All Souls Day is a religious celebration in Italy. People remember their deceased loved ones. People on the island of Sardinia have celebrated Halloween for centuries by carving pumpkins n the shape of heads. The locals call them “Concas de Mortu” which translates to “heads of the head”.In Nepal, the festival is named as Gai Jatra.

Basically what happens is families who have lost a relative join in a procession through Kathmandu leading by a cow. The cow is supposed to help the deceased on their journey. In the Philippines Pangangaluluwâ, the traditional celebration usually takes place on All Souls Day on the 1st of November. Children partake in “Pangangaluluwâ”, and go door-to-door trick-or-treating and singing songs in exchange for sweets.Zaduski is Poland’s version of Halloween also the word itself means All Souls’ Day.

It is celebrated on November 1st. Families place lanterns, wreaths and small gifts on the graves of their deceased relative in a solemn celebration. In Japan, Open is a Buddhist festival that lasts three days, starting from mid-July to mid-August, to honor the spirits of the ancestors with pilgrimages to graves and places associated with the family’s history. It also includes a number of ceremonial dances as a part of the festivities.

In Cambodia, Puchum Ben is a variation of Halloween, which is celebrated for 15 long days. This religious festival is celebrated by lighting candles for ancestors, feasting with one’s family, and participating in buffalo races. Before the celebration comes to an end, monks chant through the night to signal the opening of the gates of Hell.

Halloween pumpkin

The association of pumpkins with Halloween is a recent phenomenon. It originated around the 1630s. Although the tradition of carving faces into vegetables has been around since the Celtics. There are two reasons as to why such tradition has been passed down generations after generations. Celtics believed evil spirits lurked in the shadows around the bonfires; they needed light to guide their paths to and from the bonfires.

Celts carved faces on large turnips and then emptied out the inside of the vegetable so that a candle could sit within it. The light shining through the carved spaces scared away evil spirits and also guided the good spirits on their way back to home. Halloween is almost here, so grocery stores, coffee shops, and bakeries will be filling up with pumpkin-flavored treats, from muffins to lattes to ravioli.

Halloween costumes for kids

During this spooky festival, kids love to wear costumes and masks and put on a disguise for fun. They mostly dress up as ghosts or aliens or like their favorite superhero. The whole night one can see little kids dressed up as princes or fairies going from door-to-door for trick-or-treating. It’s interesting to watch and really exciting for them too

Halloween Masks

Masks can be homemade or commercially produced. It needs to be frightening, spooky, scary, and creepy. People used masks to try to absorb the power of their representation. In previous times, men used to painted masks on their faces with blackened ashes from the sacred bonfire and dressed up as fearsome beings.

It is believed that this celebration of the dead is to honor our ancestors. The common mask is of the ghost or spirit mask. People believed that wearing masks and costumes were supposed to protect them from ghosts by helping them put on a disguise as a fellow ghost. Halloween masks represent supernatural, saints, biblical figures, folkloric and frightening beings.

These might also be copied from celebrities, pop culture figures, characters from mass media like movies, comic books, literature, and science. Also, fictional characters of superheroes and aliens inspire such disguise. Masks of monsters, skeletons, ghosts, devils, zombies, vampires, Dracula, Frankenstein, witches, mummies, and werewolves are also options to choose from.

Girls also dress up in non-scary masks and costumes like angels, fairies, animals, princesses, and flowers. Masks also include military characters, medieval knights, police officers, firefighters, presidents and etc. In Renaissance time, Halloween masks became popular in masquerade balls. They were not so much scary instead were beautiful and extravagant. Masks were allowed for the upper class to take part in activities and not to be recognized.

Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations have seen a definite pick up in recent years. In the past years, the decorations were limited to jack-o-lanterns on front porches, and maybe the occasional skeleton or creepy spider web. But now, it’s not unusual to see entire neighborhoods decked out in black, with witches, faux graveyards, and even Halloween lights.

Halloween ideas

There are various latest ideas and tricks to amplify your Halloween experience. All over the internet one can stumble upon thousands and thousands of ideas regarding costumes and masks and variety of decorating ideas. Also, it’s a good opportunity to explore one’s creativity. It’s even more fun when there’s a group of people participating in creating something different, something unique. Halloween is by far the spookiest festival to engage in with so much fun and merriment. 

Halloween night

Mostly Halloween is celebrated in several countries on October 31st. Today, Halloween is an excuse for Halloween themed costume parties and entertainment. There are a bunch of horror films and haunted house visits and other such activities around the popular themes of ghosts, witches, and Dracula. On the night of Halloween, children dress up in Halloween costumes and go from door to door in their neighborhood following the old tradition of trick or treating. Halloween is mostly celebrated by both adults and kids. Some families celebrate by hosting costume parties and playing games like bobbing for apples and telling ghost stories. Many people also make lamps out of pumpkins. These small engagements make the Halloween night to be fun and educational as well.

Halloween 2023 date

This year Halloween will be celebrated on Tuesday, 31st October. It will be a night full of events and enjoyment. Hey! Thank you! Thank you for visiting our page! Hope you’ve liked our work. We are here to help you out in whatever way we can. Check out other titles and learn and share.

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