Good Friday2023: Quotes, messages, wishes, and Facebook and Whatsapp status

 Good Friday2023: Quotes, messages, wishes, and Facebook and Whatsapp status


Good Friday2021
Good Friday2023

Good Friday is a journal holiday in India. It adulates the ultimate hours of Lord’s life. The Christian Bible describes his death.

The Christians offer their faiths and love by a small celebration to Christ. 

Good Friday is the day when Christians maintain the death of Christ. 

The assembly of events in Holy Week:-

 Jesus gleefully returned to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday,

Jesus Christ washing his disciple’s feet,

The Easter date depends on the diplomates of the Indian summer (March).

All schools, offices, banks, courts remain closed on Good Friday. Christian stores, businesses, churches, and other clubs notice for half day.

Large prayer meetings and parade fate feast are true in areas with a large Christian population.


Good Friday 2023 is on 7th April Friday.

Good Friday is one of the chief Holy Week, beginning on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday.

 Good Friday marks the dying of Christ. Christians reflect upon sacrifices of their greed. Good Friday is always on Friday before Easter Sunday.  Good Friday 2023 is on Friday, 7th April.

Good Friday Bible Verse

Jesus’ auspicious sacrifices on this day reflect the events of Good Friday.

The Good Friday Bible Verse tells us that Jesus pierces our sins, shame, mistakes, guilt, and burden on the cross. The results changed humanity and meant for Satan killing Christ, God is meant for angels.

 In the Bible it is written that Jesus did everything for others and did not complain or protest. God in heaven lived even after his death. Jesus did everything for others. It’s not enough to thank you for your sacrifice on the cross. Amen.

Good Friday Bible Verse is the Friday past Sunday Easter and the day Lord Jesus was executed on the cross. We celebrate Good Friday every year.

Good Friday Meaning

Good Friday meaning stands for the time to recollect the hardship and departing of Jesus before marking the revival of Christ on Easter Sunday. A remembrance made to the people of the tire sacrifice by Christ.

For 2023 Lent, Pope Francis told his followers that by surveying Christ’s sacrifice, they reflect on their own sins and search for mercy.

The Christianians of the world observe the day to remember that Jesus Christ paid for the sins of his commoners by giving away his own life. Christians and others visit churches, pray, and light candles in front of Christ’s idol and Mother Mary portraying faith.

 Devotees take part in the Holy Mass offering prayers to the mighty gift of God. Christian people perform on stages on the life and death of Christ and Mother Mary.

 Good Friday meaning is understood in detail on every Christian occasion. Many people practice fasting that prescribes them from eating non-vegetarian food, including dairy products or some goes for being Vegan. 

Good Friday History

It is a noteworthy day for the Christian bunch since it marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Judas deceived Jesus, but the Christians believed that Jesus Christ returned back three days after being crucified, on the day known to be as Easter. The word 'good' on Good Friday means dutiful or holy.

 Celebration of Good Friday History in Egaria backward to the 4th century. Ancient practice betokens time of self-punishment and fasting on the death anniversary of Christ. "Good Friday" is also called God's Friday."

Good Friday is celebrated as a Christian religious holiday to keep the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his demise at Calvary. The holiday occurs during Holy Week and is considered as a part of Paschal Triduum on a Friday that comes before Easter Sunday.

 Good Friday History is also called The Black Friday, The Holy Friday, or The Great Friday. Especially in the Anglican and Catholic nations, Good Friday is a national holiday in many countries around the world. This magnificent day is observed by fasting and then with drab processions. 


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good Friday images

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good Friday quotes

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good Friday images

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good Friday quotes

Good Friday Wishes
Good Friday Wishes

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good Friday messages

Good Friday Wishes Messages
Good Friday Wishes Messages

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Happy Good Friday Images
Happy Good Friday Images

Good Friday quotes

“He will answer your prayers today. Have a blessed and happy Good Friday!”

“Chandeliers on Good Friday to bless !”

“God highlighted our life.”

“Saving from the giants on this Good Friday.”

“Praying his poise on this day.”

“God shows us the helping arm. Wishing you a Holy Friday!”

“God help us and accept our regards. Our prayers he hears. Have a blessed Good Friday!”

“Very thankful for the world is kind. Love you. Happy Good Friday.”

“Everything is going to be alright. Hey, Almighty bless all.”

“God help us and accept our regards. Our prayers he hears. Have a blessed Good Friday!”

“Very thankful for the world is kind. Love you. Happy Good Friday.”

“Everything is going to be alright. Hey, Almighty bless all.”

“Entering the difference between God and compassion need it for a moment.”

“I believe in person to person. Inside every person, there is a Christ hidden. Have a Jolly Good Friday.”


Good Friday Date

Black Friday or Good Friday date is one planted in festivals of Christians.

Jesus Christ left his fleshly form, after being crucified in Jerusalem at a hill. This date got written as Jesus’ death treated as a day of sorrow and payment by the Christians. Good Friday has been the grimmest day in history celebrated with great warmth throughout.

The Before Christ, Good Friday Date falls in the ending week of Lent known as ‘Holy Week’ ending with Sunday Easter. According to the Gregorian calendar 2023, the Good Friday Date will take place 7th of April.

 Good Friday is not mentioned anywhere in the Holy Bible, there is a poesy communication about the crucifixion of Christ on this date in the Bible instead. Jesus got hampered in Gethsemane, Jerusalem by the chief priests. Pontius Pilate and Herod paced him several times. 

Jesus died on a Friday last week of Lent declared as Good Friday or Black Friday.

Joseph of Arimathea asked chief priests to derive Jesus’ body. Joseph wrapped Christ’s body in a clean linen cloth and placed it into a coffin. After two days, Jesus rejuvenated as a supernatural unit on the first day of Eastertide known as Easter Sunday.

Good Friday story

Good Friday Story starts from the 1st day of Easter, arriving 48 hours before Easter Sunday. The date is the most significant day in terms of the story that has led Christians to celebrate Easter worldwide – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Christians celebrate Jesus because they believe that he was God’s child and that he died for us.

According to the Bible, on the evening before Good Friday, Jesus told his disciples about his death during what is called the Last Supper. He told them that, if they ate bread and wine they would be eating his body and drinking his blood as a sin.

This is known as Holy Communion. Judas Iscariot, his disciple betrayed Christ and this helped the soldiers find Jesus in Gethsemane. Judas was given 30 silver coins for this betrayal, and he did it honestly by kissing Jesus. The fact that Jesus has performed spiritual miracles and claimed to be the child of God had brought him into discord.

Jesus was taken to Anna's house, the father-in-law of a high priest, Caiaphas, after being arrested and was interrogated. He went to Caiaphas all alone, where the Sanhedrin, a group of rabbis acting as a tribunal, had gathered to question him.

Jesus remained silent firstly, but he said:   ‘You have said it, on time we shall see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the God, coming from the clouds of Heavenly. ‘Christ’ disciple Peter neglected that he was the son of God to bystanders thrice. Jesus’s statement proved to Caiaphas and charged him wrongly, and Sanhedrin gave him the death sentence.

On Friday morning he was taken to governor of Rome, Pontius Pilate under the charges of ‘topple the nation, diverting taxes to Caesar, and converting himself into a king’. Pilate asked the Jewish authorities to sentence him accordingly, but they replied that by Roman law they could not provide him with the death sentence.

He followed back and forth of Pilate and King Herod of Galilee, assuming Jesus should be put to death, but barely whipped and was released. Meanwhile the crowd – the chief priests guided – asked for Barabbas, a mutiny who had been imprisoned for committing a crime (murder), to be released. 

Pilate asked what they did with Jesus, and they demanded: ‘Crucification of Jesus’. His wife saw Jesus in a dream, and she pre-warned Pilate to ‘do nothing with this righteous man’.

The governor had Jesus strap and then brought him out to the crowd to release him. The chief priests reminded Pilate of a new charge, demanding for Jesus’s death sentence ‘as he claimed to be God’s child. Pilate got frightened and brought Jesus inside the palace wanting to know where he came from.

Pilate declared him innocent clearly and washed his own hands with water before the gatherings to show he had no part in this reproof. Hence the phrase ‘wash my hands of this’ came from.

In spite of such action, Pilate handed over Jesus to get him crucified to stop a tumult and keep his job.  A thorny crown was placed on Christ’s head and was whipped and bounced onto the wooden cross. Jesus carried his cross to the execution obliged by Simon of Cyrene. He got crucified with two criminals. Crucifixion was a common practice in those days.

He was alive hanging on the cross for six long hours and in the last three hours, darkness covered all-over the land. Religious paintings depict Mary Magdalene a disciple of Jesus, Mary of Nazareth (Mother of Jesus’), and Mary Clopas’s wife (Jesus’ aunt) are seen sitting down the cross crying over Jesus’ fortune. Christ was asked: ‘My God, my God, why did you forsake me?’, and before his last breath he cried: ‘Father, on your hands I commend my spirit’.

Two Jew men of the Sanhedrin, the secret followers of Jesus, made arrangements to take Jesus’ body, mummify it in spices, wrap and bury it. A soldier pierced Jesus with a javelin causing blood water to flow, the deputy forming Pilate that Jesus was dead.

His body got wrapped in a neat linen shroud and placed it on his new tomb carved in the rock garden near the crucifixion site. Myrrh and aloes were placed on the linen with his body, keeping with the Jewish burial. The two Jews rolled a large rock over the entrance of his coffin. Returning home and resting, Shabbat began at sunset. It is said that Christ rose from the tomb on Sunday, which the day Christians celebrate the resurrection on this Good Friday Story.

Meaning of Good Friday 

Many linguists agree that the meaning of the Good Friday, the name derives from an older usage of the word “good,” meaning “holy” rather than the modern sense of “good” as “something positive.”

The Catholic Encyclopaedia has speculated that the name comes from “God’s Friday,” or Gottes Freytag in German.

According to several decipherers interviewed by Slate, they argue that the “holy” explanation is much more likely.

Easter is a celebration hence the word "happy" is appropriate as the meaning of Good Friday. The celebration is of Jesus Christ's resurrection. 

Good Friday wishes

Let the love of Jesus grow wiser in your heart by passing days. You always are surrounded by the positivity and care of our Lord. Heartfelt Good Friday to you! 

On this day, Good Friday starts with a fast and praying, bringing Christ's mercy and simplicity to mankind. 

Do not let your hearts be troubled by anyone, stay beneath the shelter of God’s protection. Trust him-

Boring all the silence wishing regards, receiving prayers, hoping good for others wishing a very Happy Good Friday! 

Never forget the true motto of Easter- 'For when He was on the cross, I was on His mind.' 

Good Friday is the most awaited festival among Christians across the world. 

The crucifixion of Christ with a bunch of events in the Holy Week makes the last supper memorable. 

Believing among Christians death, Jesus took away all sins of mankind and redeemed them. 

 “You’re Faith in the God

Brings peace to your soul

Let this Good Friday bring

A cherished life ahead”


“I am the witness

For your healthy life,

I am a token of




Happy Good Friday”


“Praying to the Lord

Holding his hand &

Love blesses you and your family

Have a graceful full day”


“GOOD FRIDAY takes out Fear & affright

From thoughts and heart

Words have price & worth

Let the deeds speak”


“He showed us the way

Now we have to follow it with the belief

Yet in our hearts

Making others faithful

Wish u a Holy Friday!”


“Blessing anyone on Good Friday,

And forgetting about anything right you did to someone,

Bless you.

Enough to forgive and forget sins-”


“Life gives us hope,

Unchanging surprises.

Born jolly from heart

Make a happy Good Friday!”


“Good Friday.

Way across the bridge of flower,

Fasting and trust

Do well without expectations

Ona blessed day.”


 “Jesus is with you…

From down to up,

From edged to blunt

Lord is lively on Good Friday!”


“On This Holy Day

Let the Light Guide your Path

Brace Your Heart

And bless your sacrifice

You belongs to the almighty



“Praying fills the heart with purity

Peace in pace …

Holds faith in the family

Overs up on Holy Good Friday

Help others and Always.”


“God will solve all your problems

Brings you up from begotten poverty

Be perished, specified in motive

Save humanity

Good Friday blessing always with you!”

You are the savior of glory

Strength with smartness

Shining sunshine

Morality winning

And awaiting Good Friday, Cheers!

Good Friday messages

Good Friday messages serve goodness-winning hearts.

Love animals and plants people equally.

Keep good thoughts in mind. Bless others.


Christ taught me to have complete trust in God and love my enemies.

One should not judge others.

Always do what others want you to do for them in help. 


A day for sacrifice appreciation,

Giving life away to forgive sins.

Living for the human kingdom.

Unconditional love on a Good Day! 

A special day for every Christian.

Holy day with Christian customs and rituals,

Ultimate deserving fate

Good Friday Greetings to you.


Good Friday messages

Flexible thoughts

Formal expressions

Praying blessings

Caring ones.


This Good Friday brings a peaceful life,

A delightful day.

Spreading the spirit of Jesus

Good Friday wishes and greetings!


Mother Mary refills our heart

Strong faith and restoration

Lovely people and bonding

Moral and Social evaluability!


The unconditional love from god

The biggest dreamer for doing well,

Being a good person for yourself and others.

Happy Easter Friday!

An amazing praying

Joyful granting

Grant desires

Make a provable Good Friday


Life is short

Life is the Best achievement

Entity laugh and Luck-

Good Friday wishes messages 

Wishing you a Happy Good Friday! Your faith in God, bring peace and push high

New hope in your life.

God Always bless you with life! ―


The loving-kindness of high God be with you

Time to estimate in the name of Good Friday.  

Good Friday wishes messages that we are the fruits of the blessed blend of the goodness of Good Friday on this day and always.

Jesus Christ accepted us in the way we are.

Our guilt, thoughts, minds, sins, goodness

Time to return him his honor of forgiveness

Have a blessed Good Friday.


Good Friday is a beautiful image on my mind

Reminding the matters of the great Lord.

A divine Good Friday poverty men and loved ones.


Gods come down to earth

Listens to our sorrow

Blesses us

Have a blessed Good Friday-


Have faith in God

He brings you unchecked peace

Happiness in the heart.

Live for your family!


Love of Jesus filling heart

The heavenly apple of desires

Now and forever!

The blessing of God is always fair.


Saviour of our life

Superior places in the heart.  Holy Friday

Careful for the entire day


You are a self-made-star

You do your own sacrifices

Intense hard work

Pays off


Work hard yourself,

God will take care of your results!

A beatified Good Friday with the hope

God’s will remain to shower blessings

Make the most of it.


One who helps oneself- is the real hero of life

One can save others

Christ will fight off his blemishes of sins.

Happy Easter!


Praying to Lord that he keeps you safe

Surrounds your life with no empty love and happiness.

He is the best protector and Soul


We are saved not by

What we are and what we do.

Happy Holy!

He accepted the good and bad part of us in all aspects

Manifestation in unity

Expression of man’s dignity.


We are no rebels

We are no fighters

We are the addressing sons of God

Shining upon and keeping his hands upon us.


We are the disciples of Lord Christ

Every day we see so many sacrifices

Let’s pray together to make our journey easy and safe.


Spread Love

On this religious occasion

Christ the Holy Spirit shield lights up,

Peace and prosperity in everyone’s life.


Accept our regards

Appealing for regards

Wounded for our discretion

Ho Jesus! 

We are the children of God

We behold intelligently

He shall lift us high

And shall be Jubilant

Happy Easter Gift!


He himself took our responsibility

Over everything praying,

His last words were even for our blessing through ever.


It was our sin

That brought him to getting nailed

His sacrifices remind us of

Our judgment challenges of day-to-day lives


Due to Father Christ.

Today we are forgiven by our God

Let’s have a Good Friday!


Lord promised before his death

He would never leave us

Even in his wounds

Ever so believed him,



His Life gives us hope

Giving us unchanging love,

He is the manager of our heart

Re-born again on Good Friday!


We are blessed to be another chance given to live

We must make use of it,

Blessings will be preserved upon us hence forever.

Happy Good Friday.


We are all like birds

Have gone astray

Each of us binds and turns to his own way

Our Lord has laid on us

The exploration of us all.


I’m am no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God’s shelter

When you go through deep fire

I will be there with you!

What is Good Friday?

The Friday before Easter, on which Christians annually observe the commemoration of the Crucifixion of Christ. He believes that we live, even though he dies; and whosoever lives and believes in him shall never die.” “On the first Good Friday in the afternoon got completed with a great act by which light conquered darkness of evil and goodness conquered into sin.

Traditionally, fish is the meal of choice on Good Friday and many people don’t know the reason behind this. Christians have desisted from eating meat on Good Friday for centuries and many others, religiously choose to eat fish on the Friday before Easter Sunday. Good Friday shows that people without hope die in dejection.

As per, what is Good Friday, a world without promise probates into humiliation, indifference, fright and brutality but only the person who is prepared to lamp a candle of principle at every occasion fairly than curses the darkness of wicked foul. 

When is Good Friday

Good Friday is a Christian holiday eternizing the iron-cross of Jesus and his death at troopers. It is observed during Holy Week as the Paschal Triduum on the Friday prior to Easter Sunday. Good Friday may have a date clash with the Passover Jewish Observant.  

Christ our true God, the redemption of the world abide spitting, and bedevil, and troubling, and death, through the prayer wheel of His most pure Mother,

 Our holy and God-head fathers, and of all the paragon, have forgiveness and save us, for Lord Christ is devoted and the Lover of nature kind.

Good Friday is on Friday 7th April.

On the 9path of April comes Easter Sunday.

Easter Monday on 10th April Monday.

A very happy Holy good Friday 2023 to all of you from us

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Regards, team.