Best Attitude quotes, images and status for 2021

 Best Attitude quotes, images and status for 2021

Best attitude quotes

A positive attitude is the reflection of a good personality. Through a positive attitude, we can achieve more self-confidence, inner strength, optimism, and a winning mindset. Attitude differs from people to people, some have positive and some have negative attitudes. Positivity is preferred over negativity it gives motivation. We can inspire, influence, and motivate people by using some attitude captions.

Many a time it happens that we are dealing with a bad day and have negative Vibes for the whole day but accidentally while scrolling Instagram feed we come across some best attitude caption for Instagram it makes our day and all the negativity is wiped out. We provided some Best Attitude quotes, images, and status for 2021. 

Attitude Caption

“I look back only if there is something profitable.”


“Beautiful things happen when we distance ourselves from pessimism.”


“Where’s my Oscar for acting like I care?”


“People with multiple personality disorder consider having multiple Facebook accounts.”


“Stick to a thing until u reach there.”


“The greatest pleasure in life is looking back and laughing.”


“One day I’ll be at the place I always wanted to be.”


“I’m not crazy; I’ve just been in a bad mood for the last ten years.”


“We rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”


“Personality has the power to upgrade curse to bless.”


“I am not handsome or sexy. Of course, it’s not like I am hopeless.”


“My silence is my attitude.”

“Now they are telling someone that “I’m only yours”.


“Lips popping, skin glowing, ass fat, grades good and a bad attitude.”


“You had me. But now I’m a different rouge baby.”


“Work for a wise thing and you will become immortal for yourself.”


“Hurt me I will smile back but you should know my smile is a death statement.”


“Body of a woman, soul of a child, the mind of free and the heart of the wild.”


“Your excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”


“I’m an addict, I’m addicted to success. Thankfully, there’s no rehab for success.”


“Behind every successful person lies tons of pain investment.”


“A positive attitude turns I can’t & I won’t into I have & I WILL!”


“Your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward.”


“My attitude depends on people in front of me!”


“Every day I arrive at work with good intentions and a great attitude.”


“I’m sorry, my fault, I forgot you were an idiot.”


“Be well dressed, behave like a gentleman, and keep your shoes shined.”


“I have a perception problem in choosing people.”


“A can-do attitude is all one needs.”


“My attitude is my neutrality, my standard issues my personality.”


“If you don’t control your attitude, then it will control you.”


“I’m actually much greater than I think I am.”


“I was cool – until my personality made me hot.”


“Don’t tell me what they said about me; rectify what they thought about you.”


“Laugh at many but doesn’t trust any.”


“Either you neither control your attitude nor rage the anger gear.”


“I’m king of the town you can take a look around.”


“I don’t care what you think of me!”


“When the past comes knocking, don’t answer. It has nothing new to tell you.”


“I think I’m cool. That’s all that matters.”


“My father used to say, “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”


“When you feel like quitting, once look at your mom and dad.”


“Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”


“When I die my people would mourn for my dignity.”


“Our lives are bigger than our problems.”


“Keep a cool head for dealing peeps.”


“I’m perfect as I believe it’s the imperfection that makes me perfect.”


“I was both loved and hated for being upfront. But I was just being myself.”


“Gentlemen laugh at problems; men smile at their enemies.”


“What others think of me is none of my business.”


“Success is the by-product of your attitude.”

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attitude quotes for girls

girl attitude status

best attitude quotes

Attitude quotes for girls

“A girl trust even at a point of minimum hope left.”

“It’s the world that, makes a girl blesses with all kinds of power.”

“Even boys wait for a girl, and she gives attention to an odd.”

“Women stop watering people when she holds the tasselled point.”

“If you love her, she will treat you like a king.”

“A lady is made up of two things- who she is and whom she wants.”

“A woman crowns the birth of nature.”

“I’ve been doing stupid things; wilder than I’ve ever been.”

“Nothing to prove when a girl is right.”

“Love the inner soul of women, she will prosper you.”

“She might’ve let you hold her hand in school but I’ll show you how to graduate.”

“Raise your standard of choice for looking into a woman.”

“Love me or leave me, I’m not an option.”

“Before you judge me, Make sure that you’re perfect.”

“I don’t care for a person, who doesn’t know how to respect women.”

“I like to dream for what I can work for.”

“I’m the way I’m and I will always be.”

“Life led me down a path, I didn’t foresee, yet I winded upright, where I was meant to be.”

“I’m the girl with dreams on my way of becoming a woman with a vision.”

“It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.”

“Sweet as sugar. Cold as ice. Hurt me once, I’ll break you twice.”

“I may not be the best, but I know that I am not like the rest.”

“If I was meant to be controlled I would have come with a remote.”

"Don’t compare me to other girls. There’s no competition. I’m one of a kind.”

A girl understand every cheating nerve that twirling around her.”

“Love me or hate me, approval neither desired nor required.”

“The strongest actions for a woman are to bring out time for her.”

“Be like a diamond precious and rare. Not like a stone found everywhere.”

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

“All girls want to be like that, bad girls underneath like that.”

“I allow myself to fail. I allow myself to break. I’m not afraid of my flaws.”

“Don’t get mad at me because you’ve been replaced, know your place.’

“I don’t try to be candy-coated. I don’t try to walk on eggshells. I am what I am. Love me or hate me.”

Got to find a way to break the spell to get the hell away from those who block my vision.”

Why spend your whole life trying to be somebody that you’re not? It’s so much more fun to be yourself.”

“But just because it burns doesn’t mean you’re going to die.”

“Girls are much harder and stronger to think.”

“I love to fight for my rights than giving up.”

“Want for faithful girls are like too busy in chasing hoes.”

“Girls are the beautiful flowers of the house.”

“A lady stagnates relations rather loiter around.”

“Changing my relationship status from ‘SINGLE’ to ‘STILL SINGLE’.”

“If you ever think I am ignoring you, I swear I am. My phone is in my hand 24×7.”

“Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.”

“Girls worry about the things that guys forget. Guys worry about the things that girls remember.”

“You left without a reason, so please don’t come back with an excuse.”

“I have no need for people who come to me when they need me, then throw me aside when they’re fine.”

“Surround yourself with people who love your smile.”

“You treated me like an egg plant, so I left you like a roasted duck.”

“Boys love the confidence that I carry.”

“I’ll never be perfect, but I can be better.”

“Girls, who don’t ask for much, deserve it all.”

“Keep your heels, head, and standards high.”

Attitude Quotes for Boys

“Men grave for my attitude.”

“It’s not my attitude, it’s my style.”

“When I was born, the devil said. Oh, Shit..!! Competition.”

“I need someone who sees the fire in my eyes and wants to play with it.”

“Boys lie more, but girls lie better.”

“My Girlfriend says I need to be more affectionate…Now I have 2 Girlfriends!”

“Men hang out in bars for one of two reasons: Either they have no wife to go home to, or they “do.”

“Guys have no idea how I workout for my success.”

“Forget the haters…because somebody loves you”

“Don’t hate me; just get to know me first!”

“People with status don’t need status.”

“Always trying to cool myself”

“I forgive but I never forget.”

“A boy realizes the workload their mother surpasses.”

“Some mischievous moments with friends keeps the stress away.”

“Boys are a man creation, every girl deserves one.”

“My life, my way of deal.”

“Excellence is an attitude riding a Jaguar.”

“Arriving late at work proves punctuality, but deporting late proves makes you sincerely hardworking.”

“I always dream of being a millionaire.”

“I am the decision-maker and my wife is the boss.”

“Judging a boy from his future challenges his future.”

“Boys don’t care about other’s opinions, they believe in entrepreneurship.”

“I may be fat, but you’re ugly – I can lose weight!”

“I will win not immediately, but definitely.”

“If a plan doesn’t work, men find out multiple workers to execute the same plan and make it work.”

“I’m cool but Summer made me hot!”

“Please don’t get confused between fun and hard work!”

“My Life My Rules.”

“My attitude based on how you treat me.”

“Smartness is a perfect beauty.”

“I don’t have an attitude! Just a personality that you can’t handle!”

“It’s my life, so keep your nose out of it.”

“I’m Not Special, I’m Just Limited Edition.”

“Be silent and let your success shout.”

“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.”

“ATTITUDE is everything.”

“Follow your heart but don’t be stupid.”

“My dad was proud to have me, and now I am proud to have my son”

“Mistakes are proof that you’re trying.”

“Men are gracious about their ego.”

“I never make the same mistake twice.”

“Time is precious, waste it wisely.”

“My parents should be proud of me because I’m addicted to Facebook, not to Drugs!”

“Intelligent guys run after money.”

“I always dream of being a millionaire like Jeff.”

“Dream big and dare to fail.”

“I like dealing with a better class of people.”

“Drink beer save water.”

“My dignity is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

“I bunked all those classes which life gave me.”

“If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.”

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Attitude Quotes in Hindi

मुझे खैरात में मिली ख़ुशियाँ अच्छी नहीं लगती, मैं अपने ग़मों में भी रहता हूँ नवाबो की तरह।

हमारा स्टाइल और ऐटिटूड कुछ अलग सा है अगर बराबरी करने लगोगे तो बिक जाओगे।

इतना ऐटिटूड मत दिखा जानेमन, क्योंकि तेरी जवानी से ज़ादा, हमारे तेवर गरम है।

दोस्त कहते है..भाई, तेरा जैसा कमीना नही देखा कभी, मैंने बोला भाई कभी देखोगे भी नहीं.. सिर्फ एक ही बचा है।

भाड़ में जाए लोग और लोगो की बातें, हम तो वैसे ही जिएंगे जैसे हम जीना चाहते है।

दूसरों की शर्तों पे सुल्तान बनने से बेहतर है अपनी मौत से फकीर बने रहें।

माचिस तो यूँ ही बदनाम है हुजुर, हमारे तेवर तो आज भी आग लगाते है

मुझे महँगे तोहफ़े ही पसन्द है मेरे दोस्त, अगली बार आना तो कुछ वक़्त ले के आना।

हम ना बदलेंगे वक्त की रफ्तार के साथ जब भी मिलेंगे पुराने ही होंगे।

दोस्तों जिंदगी में अकेले चलने का शौक रखता हूं इसलिए किसी के पीछे नहीं चलता।

हम जैसे लोग जिंदगी में जीतते है या तो सीखते है, हारते कभी नहीं।

ये तो हम है, जो अपना प्यार निभा रहे है, जिस दिन छोड़कर चले गए, औकात पता चल जायगी तुझे।

कोई कुछ भी बोले अपने आप को शांत रखो, क्योंकि धूप कितनी भी तेज़ हो समुन्द्र सूखा नहीं करते।

वक्त आने दो जवाब भी देंगे हिसाब भी देंगे।

छोटे खुद पर विश्वास रख फिर देखना एक दिन ऐसा आएगा की घरी दूसरे की होंगी पर वक्त तुम्हारा होगा।

जिंदगी जितनी मर्ज़ी परेशानियाँ बड़ा दे, वादा है मेरा, तुझे हँस के गुजारेंगे।

तेरा घमण्ड एक दिन तुझे ही हराएगा मै क्या हु ये तुझे वक्त ही बताएगा।

समंदर कि तरह है मेरे पहचान, ऊपर से खामोश और अंदर से तूफान।

छोटे कोशिश ना कर खुश सभी को रखने की, कुछ लोगों की नाराजगी भी जरुरी है चर्चा में बने रहने के लिए।

नहीं खाई ठोकरें सफर में तो मंजिल की अहमियत कैसे जानोगे, अगर नहीं टकराएगलतसे तोसहीको कैसे पहचानोगे।

लोग भोंकते है दुश्मन को डराने के लिए हमारी ख़ामोशी में ही दहसत नजर आती है।

थोडा बदमाश बंदा हु शरीफ समझ लेना। सादगी का भुका हुं आशिक ना समझ लेना। कुछ जानना हो।

मेरे स्टेटस नशें की तरह होते है, एक बार आदत पड़ गई तो,बिना पढ़े रह पाना मुश्किल है

वक्त ही तो है बदल जाएगा, आज तेरा है कल मेरा होगा।

मेरें अंदर कमी निकालने से पहले तुम ख़ुद की सारी कमियाँ खत्म करके दिखाओ

आदमी का अमीर होना जरूरी नहीं है जमीर होना जरूरी है।

नाम बदनाम होने की चिंता छोड़ दी मैंने अब जब गुनाह होगा तो महशोर भी तो होगे।

क्या फर्क पड़ता है हम कैसे है, जिसने जैसी राय बनाई उसके लिए हम वैसे है।

भाई बोलने का हक़ मैंने सिर्फ दोस्तों को दिया है..! वरना दुश्मन तो आज भी हमें बाप के नाम से पहचानते हैं।

हुनर सबका अलग होता है, बस किसी का छिप जाता है और किसी का छप जाता है।

लोग कहते है अब तो रुक जा लेकिन मेरा साहस कहता है बस थोड़ा और तेरे मंज़िल पास ही है।

भीड़ में खड़ा होना मकसद नहीं है मेरा बल्कि भीड़ जिसके लिए खड़ी है वह बनना है मुझे

दुश्मनों की अब किसे जरूरत है आपने ही काफी है दर्द देने के लिय़े।

जिन्दगी जीते है हम शान से, तभी तो दुश्मन जलते है हमारे नाम से।

अपने लिए नहीं तो उन लोगों के लिए कामयाब बनो, जो आपको नाकामयाब देखना चाहते हैं

राज तो हमारा हर जगह पे है। पसंद करने वालों केदिलमें और नापसंद करने वालों केदिमागमें।

मुझे अच्छे लगते है वो लोग जो मुझसे नफ़रत करते है क्योंकि अब हर कोई प्यार से देखेगा तो नज़र नहीं लग जाएगी मुझे।

कमियाँ तो बहुत हैं मुझमेंसाला कोई निकाल के तो देखे।

आँख उठाकर भी देखूँ, जिससे मेरा दिल मिले, जबरन सबसे हाथ मिलाना, मेरे बस की बात नहीं.!”

किनारा मिले तो कोई बात नहीं, दुसरो को डुबाके मुझे तैरना नहीं हे।

औकात की बात मत कर दोस्त..लोग तेरी बन्दूक से ज्यादा मेरे आँखों से डरते है

हमारी हैसियत का अंदाज़ातुम ये जान के लगा लो, हम कभी उनके नही होतेजो हर किसी के हो जाए।

बड़ी से बड़ी हस्ती मिट गयी मुझे झुकाने मे बेटा तू तो कोशिश भी मत करना तेरी उम्र गुजर जायगी मुझे गिराने मे।

समझा दो उन समझदारों कोकि कातिलों की गली में भी दहशत हमारे ही नाम की ही है।

अजीब सी आदत और गज़ब की फितरत है मेरी, मोहब्बत हो या नफरत बहुत शिद्दत से करता हूँ।

मेरे घर वाले बोले सुधर जा पगले.. मैने बोला अगर हम सुधर गये तो उनका क्या होगा, जिन्हें हमारी मस्ती प्यारी है।

हम दुश्मनों को भी बड़ी शानदार सज़ा देते हैं, हाथ नहीं उठाते बस नज़रों से गिरा देते हैं।

मुझे ख़ुद को बेक़सूर सबित करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है क्योंकि मैं जानता हूँ कि मैं बेक़सूर हूँ।

भगवान मेरे दुश्मनों को मेरी सफ़लता देखने के लिए लम्बी उम्र देना।

friendship attitude status

short attitude quotes

funny attitude status

cool attitude quotes

attitude quotes about myself

Girl attitude status

“Lucky are those parents who are blessed to have girls.”

“All her pain lies behind her shyness.”

“Women become fire when pointed parallel.”

“A lady’s smile works as a sword for her entire life.”

“I want to be free and fly high to earn admiration.”

“Someone asked me what do you do for your living? I replied that I take care of my mom and dad.”

“When a girl makes up her mind and becomes dedicated, no one can make her feel worthless.”

“Her goal is not to be rich but to be a legend.”

“Not everyone likes her but not everyone matters.”

“Her words are more sincere than her punctuality.”

“Her name is a brand enthusing worldwide.”

“A girl’s taste of choice cannot beat anyone’s option”

“Before you judge a lady, make sure you match her confidence.”

“A girl’s best friend is her pride.”

“Arrogance requires show-off confidence speaks for itself.”

“So name a game to play, and I’ll roll the bones, hello. I’ve been doing dumb things; more out of control than I’ve at any point been. Nothing too”

“Demonstrate and I’m impenetrable and comprehend what I’m doing.”

“Your attitude may hurt me, however, mine can Slaughter You!”

“Girls make things… heaps of inventive and delightful things.”

“Girls with enormous hair has full of secrets”

“Girls love shopping not on the grounds that they love to go through loads of cash but since it is remedial.”

“I’m no beauty queen, I’m simply wonderful me.”

“Be the girl with excellence, yet in addition swag.”

“Anytime, anyplace, child kid, I can get into misbehaving”

“We girls fall for behavior and independence then for love and living.”

“Girls starve for only attention, pamper and care”

“Being a female isn’t easy; you have to always be strong!”

“Makeup is overpriced, hair products are overpriced, body products are overpriced, clothing is overpriced, being a girl is overpriced”

“I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms again.”

“Every girl has the capability to burn the world.”

“Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.

“I am reserved for the one who deserves

“Just because I don’t start the conversation, doesn’t mean I’

“I’m not dying to speak to you.”

“Every girl has that one guy who he thinks about before he falls asleep.”

“She is a deadly combination of her mother, father and brother.”

“A beautiful face will age and a perfect body will change, but a beautiful soul will always be beautiful.”

“A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left…

“Every girl wants a bad boy, so he can be good just for her.”

“Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more.”

“A girl’s attitude replies every speech.”

“Nothing can explain this dream I had that suddenly came true. Everything I have ever wanted I have found in you.”

“A girl herself is a mirror point of her motivating strength.”

“I don’t want you to just tell me I am beautiful. You have to make me believe it.”

Girls are more dangerous when doubted on her love.”

Girls give and forgive.”

“Every girl is an angel. Don’t waste time in selecting unique. Instead spend time in understanding them.”

Women argue for the heart.”

“Cuts and stings and those things, only make stronger angel wings.”

Too many people are looking for the perfect person… instead of trying to be the perfect person.”

Boy attitude status

“Boys are scared to leave the persons whom they love.”

“Boys are the key to behold after father.”

“Gentlemen keep business backups.”

“Boys get temporarily upset to build strength.”

“I repeat my sleep, not my mistakes.”

“Gamer boys are best. They don’t play with hearts.”

“Tie straight, polish boots, and coat upon lives the man.”

“Boys don’t lie, they keep talks secret.”

“I have the ability to take care of my family and parents on my own.”

“A man’s loyalty proves his character.”

“Boys love his wife, respects his mother and idol’s his father”

“A man’s broken heart never heals.”

“You will find a girl prettier than me funnier than m e smarter than me but u will never find a girl just like me.”

“A man rules over his own created empire.”

“No one has any right to disrespect any unemployed bot.”

“A boy can create the most beautiful part of God’s creation.”

“Boy’ r just like Rubik’s cubes, girl’s r still trying to figure them out.”

“The best gift you can give to someone is your TIME.”

“It takes time to understand a man.”

“Bad boys make you FEEL like you are his queen.”

“Guys need an activity as an excuse to get to gather.”

“Guys can be friends without anyone thinking something else …”

“Every boy needs a good girl who can help him laugh when he thinks he’ll never smile again.”

“Men control the zipper of a relationship.”

“He thinks he’s a player, But he doesn’t know she’s the coach.”

“Every boy is the price charming for his mother, father and sister.”

“You will find a girl prettier than me… smarter than me… and funnier than me… but you will never find a girl just like me.”

“Sometimes I wish I was a little boy again having bruised baby food.”

“You don’t have to love in words even in silence love is always heard.”

“One day I hope you find out how much you hurt me.”

“I am not that what you want. I’m that what I want.”

“Don`t be the man that needs a girl. Be the man a lady needs.”

When a girl says, “I`m done,” it really means, “fight for me.”

“A good boyfriend will never want to change anything about you? Except for your last name.”

“Avoid comparing yourself with other boys, make yourself the punisher.”

“Nothing is sexier than a girl who knows how to take control.”

“A true gentleman doesn’t demand, he thanks and commits’.”

“The real lover is the man who promises to love you from being a girl to being his child’s mother.”

“What a boy really wants is for one woman to prove to him that they are not all the same.”

“No boy believes he`s beautiful until a girl comes along and makes him feel like he is..”

“Dear Guys, when we put our head on your chest we want you to put your arms around us.”

“Boys create their love story perfect instead of getting one.”

“I`m a boy. I can be complicated without explanations”

“Never underestimate a boy’s ability to find something out.”

“Wait for the boy who will do anything to be your everything.”

“The most common lie made by men: nothing I am fine.”

“Behind every boy’s favorite song… is an untold story.”

“I may not be the best, but I’m definitely not like the rest.”

“I’m not one in a million kinds of a boy. I’m once in a lifetime kind of man.”

Positive Attitude quotes/ Positive attitude status

“Being happy is cooler than making money.”

“You don’t need an expert in your field to have influence.”

“Your place is full of hypothesis and hypnotism.”

“I am sure you have ideas about different opinions.”

“Do something not for hours but for years.”

“You have won the lottery of being a human being.”

“In a room have certain specified perspective.”

“The human pursuits of happiness.”


“The only variable that we can control is our work ethic.”

“Confusing success with happiness is the biggest myth in our society.”

“Learn wisdom and gain huge opportunity.”

“Don’t be a remote. Make maximum use of yourself.”

“Be an operator to run a company”

“Expand your forced circumstances.”

“Blow away the advancements in conferencing slack.”

“Stop being them.”

“Small goals are safe but will make you unhappy.”

“Matter of time, you get to know you are a legend.”

“Your thoughtfulness will navigate the earth.”

“Know your angel spirits.”

“Stop expertise on a pedestal.”

“There are so many similarities between you and others' culture.”

“Some real clarity and depth are needed.”

“It’s not about making money; it’s all about making happier money.”

“A bad attitude and aptitude can have a bad attitude.”

“Its way more fun to think as an outsider.”

“Stand out in a field where people are better than you.”

“You can’t get free content with value.”

“In perpetuity, somebody else will grow better.”

“Don’t be insecure to make more.”

“I can’t push you.”


“Empathy, an optimist, promote positivity.”

“Aggressive motion needs time.”

“Encourage yourself for series of no excuse.”

“Pretend to be content in this podcast media.”

“Judgment and self-doubt will never lead you to success.”

“Stop spreading the sauce and make spaghetti out of it.”

“People get confused for the mix you have for your success.”

“Predicted things on you will never work.”

“A little flip can change the whole sight.”

“Possibility to ostracize from people is great.”

“When you love the process, you start saving.”

“Intent is the main spice.”

“I am living and adapting to real life.”

“Not everyone is a seller.”

“Don’t manipulate. Sell.”

“As long as it’s legal, happiness needs to be one’s goal.”

“Have a glass of water and set aside the key of communities.”

“Find out the missing ingredient from your life.”

“The ability to be humble in your world will flip you upside down.”

“When someone hates you for no reason… just give them one.”

“Get cleared between being practical and getting confused.”

Attitude caption for Instagram/ Attitude status for Instagram

“It's okay if you don't like me

Not everyone has good taste”

“Thinking about negative self-doubts improves.”

“Teachers will always be of value and make you adapt.”

“They all appreciated my innovation.”

“One day I loved a man, but he broke my heart into a thousand pieces
and now every piece loves a different man”

“Spread positivity with people whom you adore.”

“Build, build, and build.”

“Focus while you are on self-distancing.”

“Those who create brands, get through better folks.”

“Be real and hard looking on yourself.”

“People who are optimistic about the future- They win.”

“People who flex are often unhappy.”

“Find your itch and make sure to scratch it.”

“Any time you compromise with yourself, you lose.”

“Just bypass the insecurities when putting out something new.”

“Figure out and start working what is best for you.”

“You can get success from multiple angles.”

“Your move will have a lasting impact on her.”

“It worked hard for you as it would be kept for generations.”

“One day the window will open a passage to the door that will allow you to knock down the wall of opposition.”

“You must let go of everything and push the event.”

“You must take the risk out of fear.”

“Always keep humanism behind the business.”

“Life lessons turn into goals and dreams.”

“Dealing with the pain matters the all.”

“The journey will always risk pain.”

“Keep up the good job with your art.”

“If someone treats you right, make sure they are appreciated.”

“Your expertise is valuable.”

“Draw a line between free value and charging people.”

“Judging is unattractive.”

“Stop telling other people how to fix themselves. Fix yourself first.”

“All work no play makes Joe a dull boy.”

“My man has embraced preaching good words.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“Preach pulling the trigger.”

“Investing intelligently and with intention is the way to go.”

“You choose what you get to look at.”

“Gratitude with growth is the parts of a twinning coin.”

“You are way more in control than you think.”

“Love and high vibrations are the voice you need.”

“Something which is not gaining leads to serendipity.”

“When you have a strategy, you are thoughtful.”

“There are always opportunities in conversations.”

“Transition in jobs helps immensely achieving more happiness and success.”

“Support yourself for your goals.”

“Stop making excuses. You always have a choice”

“Unreal unity= Side hustle.”

“Stay on the paths that are working.”

“Find peace in moving on and become masters.”

Attitude Caption for Facebook/ Attitude Status for Facebook

“No ‘dream’ shit.”

“There is so much innovation and opportunities on the other side.”

“You need to maintain things.”

“The ability to look bad in front of your loved ones is due to lack of likes.”

“Humility practicality is a framework to be able to get through difficult times.”

“Speak the truth as usual.”

 “A practical thing- it’s going to take patience and hard work.”

“I may win and I may lose, but I will never be defeated.”

“Nobody lives in a quieter place on earth.”

 “I want you to live with inside yourself.”

 “You valued my validations.”

“Self-esteem and strength are going to play more.”

 “You are over-analyzing you.”

 “When people are hurting, they project.”

 “You overvalue compliments of people that tear you down.”

 “You are going to resent if you are not true calling.”

 “i'm Not Changed It’s Just I Grew up and You Should Try Too.”

 “We need to do the best we can and make a verdict on them.”

 “You showed, me how to live.”

 “As long there is real love overlying, nothing can stop.”

 “Honestly, I admire you. I envy you.”

“I try to come from a loving place, let’s break that up.”

 “Naturally don’t get insecure with regardless.”

 “There are lots of things which we don’t control and we need to be at ease with them.”

 “We make mistakes, we make the right determination.”

 “If You Never Had Friends, You Never Lived Life.”

“Make decisions and live with those decisions.”

 “Sometimes there is no universal balance in circumstances.”

“Make decisions and stay stick to them.”

“Being good brings good fortune.”

“Throw your own witchcraft.”

“Your face and smile reflect satisfaction from life.”

“Be genuine to inspire more.”

“You are a dope dude!”

“Always helping people increase the dormant love.”

“A Guy bringing value instead if asking”

“Life is magic. It’s amazing.”

“There’s no doubt I played that part like no other.”

“Don’t take your life for granted.”

“I am grateful to be alive each day.”

“Get quiet in your own head.”

“My happiness is predicted on modestly.”

“You compete with your procrastination.”

“Your competition is not with other people but by you yourself.”

“You are the person who will bring change in your life.”

“Brain doesn’t want to fix the shit that hurts the most.”

“There is nothing remotely closed.”

“Heighten other’s performance then boost yours.”

“I am obsessed with going believing.”

“Fight to stable your ego.”

Best attitude quotes.

“Triple down on your stage. It’s your biggest advantage.”

“Eliminate your shortcomings.”

“Focus on what you dominate at.”

“Stop cynicism. Get a life.”

“The game is a long road with twists and turns.”

“The tasting of all the experience is the clue.”

“If you blame yourself, you will always be happy.”

“I know exactly who I am. Just tricking into no one.”

“Re-read the matter a few times.”

“The big one step back for the bigger three steps forward.”

“Be 100% of you instead of 99%.”

“Keep a handful of valuable people.”

“Sometimes you just need a nudge.”

“You don’t want to do to set up what you do want to do.”

“When you are scared, you don’t live.”

“Enough is enough. Stop fear failing.”

“Men are the leaders.

“Women are dangerous kingpin.”

“Price should not have any impact on life.”

“Do you want something? Go get it.”

“Kids will be happier if they understand repercussions.”

“There’s never a bad time to say sorry.”

“It’s time to get happy.”

“Staying benumbed resonated me, definitely a boundary to step over.”

“Keep pushing forward.”

“My disquiet level messes with me a lot.”

“The only way to get comfortable is practice.”

“Thinking about other’s slant and basing your life accordingly to those ideas will definitely never help you.”

“Sometimes we like to just hear.”

“It’s funny sometimes seeing other people in our situation.”

“Go get a great catch.”

“Probably the thing we are most guilty of deciding who we are from our own opinions and fears.”

“A self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“Usually the most uncomfortable ones bang on the best.”

“Don’t go systematically for the cliché systems.”

“Bring a solution to your struggle with anxiety.”

“I think, intuitively, I think you can breakthrough.”

“Don’t mess with the god’s gift.”

“You are not building a personal brand to leverage against.”

“Stop shaking your strong suit.”

“You cannot decide anything on your own subjectively.”

“You preserved and hung in.”

“Deploy self alert and empathy”

“Don’t memorize things that are shitty.”

“I have nothing but a continuous trial of success.”

“I am not an expert but I can give good guidance.”

“Invest in that fact in which you are best at.”

“The risk that you are afraid to take can change your life.”

“Create a platform where people seem to like calling you.”

“You should know before anyone knows.”

“I appreciate you.”

“Don’t take any advantage of pain.”

Positive thoughts quotes

“Inspire others to do well. Lead by example and be your best self

“Good effect brings good effect in life.”

“Positive Thinking”

“We will identify the small changes in structure, rather than culture, which can transform a rigid team.”

“Everything is easy if you are crazy.”

“Nothing will be easy if you are lazy.”

“Do one thing at one time.”

“Choose to be sanguine, it feels better.”

“If you achieve something by losing something, you win.”

“Don’t walk blabbering around. Let your presence speak.”

“Sometimes later, becomes never.”

“Don’t cheat the world of your contribution. Give it all you’ve got.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

“Cultivate love, consume controls.”

“Enjoy little things coming on your way.”

“Change your mindset, digest good things.”

“Learn to clutch the storms of your life.”

“Keep silence and slay.”

“Have the patience to wait.”

“You’re a solid gold baby.”

“Always choose for being kind.”

“Trust the times of the timings in which things are happening”

“Take time to make your soul, it’s a part of you.”

“The best view is yet to come. Just behold.”

“A scale cannot measure your enough need”

“Never stress over things that you cannot control.”

“Be a donor of happiness and love.”

“If you want better, go get better.

“They will brighten up ANY day, so much that you’ll have to wear sunglasses all the time.”

“Fix everything to make your intentions pure.”

“Success wakes up every morning”

“Hard work will get you with confidence.”

“Sometimes taking a step back proves to be right.”

“Just do what makes you feel right.”

“Spend zero seconds dealing about yesterday.”

“Life is when you accept the happiness that is good for you.”

“Being accountable is very different.”

“Just let your pile an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.”

‘Value compliments.”

“Putting a time limit on a goal is the worst.”

“You need a pause to get a push.”

“Don’t think the strategy, do the strategy.”

“Conquer yourself to others.”

“Life is disconnected, work tomorrow helping other people to get a lifestyle change by making better choices, or help them make better choices if they choose to do it. Life feels very heavy and cluttered and dry.”

“Someone who clearly devotes much time and energy to helping others, we would love to help you with this.”

“Don’t look back the way you left.”

“Don’t get interrupted while scrolling.”

“Better days are coming.”

“We would all love to be more selfless.”

My attitude quotes/ attitude quotes for myself

“Be happy, it drives people crazy.”

“Legends don’t die… I am a living example!”

“Be careful when you get to know my identity.”

“Before you judge me, have a look at my past actions.”

“We will never have enough time to realise.”

“I’m a humble person, really.”

“Be yourself, and you can be anything.”

“Don’t be busy, be productive.”

“My ego speaks then my attitude replies.”

“I am obliged to explain myself to others.”

“Attitudes are more important than facts.”

“Things won’t get better unless you think better.”

“I just found myself, I didn’t change. “

“I can’t change my personality. I’ll always smile, but I’ll be more focused.”

“I think I’m cool. That’s all that matters.”

“Be smart, but never show it.”

“I do good or error, I am not a devil.”

“Change ‘ONE DAY’ into ‘TODAY”

“I define my own life. I don’t let people write my script.”

“You make me feel invincible gathering my parts.”

“Don’t look back you’re not going that way.”

“Jealousy is a terrible disease. Get well soon.”

“Attitude is like a wristwatch. Everyone thinks his one is working correctly.”

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

“My intelligence makes me commit my distinction.”

“Before matching me, try to learn the rules of the game.”

“If you understand my sarcasm, then you can read my decisions.”

“In the times of lie, choose to be respected.”

“We matured with the could halves.”

“I’m not sorry if you felt bad. It’s your fault”

““Stop criticizing me for my flaws when you too own them.”

“I have the gun, and my finger is on the trigger. My mood is the bullets.”

“Being single is my attitude.”

“Attitude is everything, so pick a good one!”

“Beauty is only skin deep. Attitude is down to the bone.”

“I’m not cranky.”

“Don’t change so people will like you.”

“Narrow your view to get the reality of the world.”

“Being silent is making me a classic.”

“My mind and fantasies blossoms my imaginations.”

“Don’t care about my rebels. Just fly high.”

“I am blessed to have been suffered.”

“Have the guts to take the responsibilities of whatever happening.”

“Keeping unrealistic goals are a kind of fashion”

“Think like a fox, present the work as a panther.”

“Whine, complain, justify are not a part of my attitude.”

“Raise your standards by putting your voicemails in front of my face.”

“My loudness yells for justice.”

“I prefer equity and equality more.”

Quotes on attitude and love

“For the rest of the days, you made my traveling days strong.”

“I do not harbor any kind of bad intention. I deserve love.”

“The distance of this journey will have a lucky ending.”

“My best friend became my life partner and now I have kids like me.”

“Take me with you and make me your bread and jam.”

“We all deserve happiness, sorrow, career and relations.”

“My broken pieces joined together to make you love you again.”

“A beautiful mind can change thoughts.”

“I have a good knowledge about keeping personality.”

“You held me and pushed till I got disconnected.”

“People will end up with no time to justify explanations.”

“You are the cause for loving you forever.”

“I got the level to make you check my status.”

“You pumped the lamp to move and do something to betterment of us.”

“If I can’t change my fate, I make sure to change your fate.”

“May I have the permission to make you the owner of my house?”

“I am rich because I have the world’s best mother and father.”

“My first love is my excellence.”

“We made us our each other’s weird half.”

“I found something in my purse, it’s your purvey.”

“Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak. It simply means that you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve.”

“Different girls want to get my number but they don’t know that they have to earn it.”

“People can’t afford me emotionally.”

“Once you think you have me, you will slip me off away.”

“What people don’t know they can’t ruin.”

“I don’t compare myself with others.”

“I am the deadly game changer you ever met.”

“Every time I start dating someone, they show me why I shouldn’t.”

“Don’t give me a reason to prove my worth.”

“I am a dull boy- at least not spending my dad’s money on useless things.”

“Once I start hating someone, even if he dies he won’t regain my respect again.”

“My anger disappears as water vapor in the air as I talk to you.”

“I am good at forgiving people and then wait for my turn to avenge.”

“School buddies and love remain forever.”

“My think to do is converted into try to do.”

“My hope for love and happiness is continual.”

“My attitude will make you a flat tire, use in nowhere.”

“I am not a king but definitely I will make you my queen.”

“Is it just me or am I so lucky to have met the girl of my dreams who accepts me for who I am and call her my own too?”

“Each day I get up trying to become better.”

“I am made up of what circumstances made me.”

“I love to hear lies from fake people.”

“I don’t hate, I just love them who loves me.”

“I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.”

“I am a hopeless romantic. I never lost my faith in love in spite getting hurt over and over again.”

“I am so strong that I can walk alone all the distance.”

“Staying with someone for whom I am the treasure.”

“You are the shadow to my light which I feel will never fade away.”

“My world is now filled of smiles without you.”

“Love me or neglect me, you can never make puppet of me.”

Friendship attitude status

A trustworthy friend is a friend when he is agreeable. They stand by your side routinely both during your presence and absence. They're bona fide and candid with us. True friends aren't feigned with you. They show you what matters for them.

“Misunderstanding brings breakup in a friendship which hurts the most.”

“A friend makes the life feel as a garden. And you are my friend”

“Friends are the best brothers and sisters.”

“Each friend represents us living staying together.”

“Life is partly what we make by the friends we choose.”

“A friend makes you feel each and every feeling felt.”

“Friends challenge, inspire us spends the maximum time of our lives.”

“Friends teach us to speak words of kindness and being racy.”

“The best thing that ever happened to me was the first time we shared our Tiffin.”

“Happiness can be found even in playing with stones, and sharing pencils.”

It’s easy for your friend to make you smile even in the saddest time of life.”

“A real friend is one who walks in to take out all the problems out.”

“A friend is someone who understands, believes and partners you.”

“Whatever I do, where ever I got, my friends will always be there for me.”

“My charmer friends are responsible for making be bad.”

“Riding to school by cycle rather taking rickshaw has different friend base.”

“Calling to texting for routine classes and not submitting homework- lays the past.”

“We get everything in life when we start making friends.”

“No one would be special for you, but for someone, you could be everything.”

“A friend is one who can understand your broken heart fence.”

“A friend who sees your tears is much more valuable than a lot of working colleges.”

“We are brothers and sisters from different mothers.”

“A friend is one of the greatest things that we achieve ever at any age and time.”

“Friends are the people in your life who make you live a better life”

“Friendship can never be separated nor be destroyed; it can only grow from one to more.”

“Childhood friends are the gold of life.”

“My friend is the sunflower of my day and I am his lily of the afternoon.”

“Possibilities of breaking stones are found but no bond can separate the touchwood of a 


“Old friends are the rare people we find in our future.”

“A friend knows secrets and favorites of you and decides the best for you.”

“He calls me up even at 4am to solve my 24 hours problem.”

“True friends are hard to find and difficult to leave.”

“I am lucky to have true friends’ less than good friends.”

“I would prefer staying in dark with my friends rather living in lighted palace.”

“Friendships are the blessing of god to stay beside for any time.”

“When I stay busy doing my homework, my friends come to wish my birthday”

“I am the best friend of my lame vagabonds.”

“My friendship with my friend is like a circle, which has no ends.

“A dense time divulges true friends.”

“I may not always be there for you but I will always be there for you


“He understands and reads me without speaking.”

“Never let your friends are lonely. Always disturb them.”

Best friend saves the top part in our hearts.”

“My friend will save when my teacher would call me.”

“My best friend brings noodles for me and I bring gems for him.”

“All the nonsense works and talks are shared between friends.”

“A true friend is someone who thinks that your belongings are their property.”

“My group makes me laugh by rash tactics.”

“My friends teach me and also make me a blaster.”

“Best friends only care for PS4.”

Funny attitude status

“I'm not lazy, I'm on energy saving mode.”

“I am in my mood saving mode.”

“Girls use Photoshop to look beautiful. Boys use photoshop to show their creativity.”

“My attitude has been sprouted overnight.”

“Happiness is people making a gap from you instead of poking.”

“Never give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.”

“Treat me like a kid; I treat you like an elder.”

“Due to tonight’s lack of sleep, I canceled my tomorrow.”

“I don’t understand speech bubbles. They go just over my head.”

“As a Rule of thumb, I don’t let my thumb make any rule.”

“I confuse them if I can’t convince them.”

“I am not afraid of the world, the world is afraid of me.”

“Life is a joy. Throw puns.”

“My study period = 15 minutes. My break time = 3 hours.”

“My kids would have the coolest parents.”

“Here my dad comes on with a thought of smiley.”

“C.L.A.S.S - Come late and start sleeping :)”

“I love my vacationer jobs.”

“Relationship Status: Looking for someone who never looked for me.”

“I love things that make me smile.”

“Excuse me others, I am my own friend.”

“I haven’t even shown my bad side yet.”

“Good Morning let the stress begin...”

“Don’t settle for good. Demand Great!”

“I won’t shrink myself by orders of others.”

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

“Eat - Sleep - Regret - Repeat.”

“Sometimes I just wish am I the only one that god made.”

“People Like noise but I make music.”

“I like every day because I enjoy every day as my birthday.”

“Tragically I work and how miraculously it gets represented.”

“I ate up the line between my standard and ego.”

“Spread recommendation. Reveal your plan less.”

“Google must have been my student- knows everything.”

“You don’t have to like me... I am not a facebook status.”

“I weapon up mass destruction just by one look.”

“Happiness is seeing your mother loving me.”

“If you love me, I won’t love you back.”

“I am not a psycho. My reality is to perceive differently.”

“Everyone is self-centered. The difference is the radius.”

“Oops! I can’t die now. My phone’s battery is still on 99.”

“Too much of assertive kills a chat.”

“My laziness drops down to infinity when I lie down back.”

“Some people become numb when they hear me speak.”

Short attitude quotes

“You can totally do this”

“When nothing goes right, go left”

“Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results.”

“I can and I will.”

“Take the risk or lose the chance.”

“Prove them wrong”

Dream big. Pray bigger.”

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish”.

“Broken crayons still color.”

“And so the adventure begins.”

“If you want it, work for it.

“Grow through what you go through.”

“Do it with agony or don’t at all.”

“She believed she could, so she did.”

“At the end of hardship comes happiness.”

“Don’t dream your life, live your dream.”

“Grail without fear. Love without limits.”

“You are loved.”

“Actually, you can.”

Yes! Yes! You can do it!”

“Focus on the good.”

“You are doing great.”

“We rise by lifting others.”

“Be happy. Be bright. Be you.”

“Every day is a second chance.”

“You are amazing. Remember that.”

“Darling, you are a work of art.”

“Happiness looks gorgeous on you.”

“You are capable of amazing things.”

“You are somebody’s reason to smile.”

“Think like a proton, always positive.”

“You are stronger than you think you are”

“You make mistakes. Mistakes don’t make you.”

“Breathe. Change your heart.”

“It’s okay to not be okay as long as you are not giving up.”

“If you feel like giving up, look back at how far you’ve come.”

“Having Nothing Happen At All Or By Having Everything Happen All At Once.”

“Everything is going to be okay in the end.”

“Let it be.”

“Go for it”

“Take it easy.”

“Be in the now.”

“Live the moment.”

“Choose to shine.”

“Love conquers all.”

“Keep your chin up.”

“Follow your heart.”

“Don’t rush things.”

“Never stop dreaming.’

“Now is all you have.”

“Keep moving forward.

“This too shall pass.”

“Every moment matters.”

“Love more. Worry less.”

“Dust settles. I don’t.”

“Nothing lasts forever.”

“Work hard.”

“Stay humble.”

“Enjoy the little things.”

“This too shall pass.”

“Every moment matters.”

“Love more. Worry less.”

“Dust settles. I don’t.”

Cool attitude quotes

“It's not my flaw; it's your misunderstand.”

“I look at the moon and it looks really beautiful! Then I look at you and I think I'll look at the moon again!”

“Life without fault is like a day without night.”

“Sometimes it’s necessary to shout out words at others.”

“I'm not here to judge, I'm just pointing out all the mistakes you're making.”

“I look at people sometimes and think...Really? That's the sperm that won.”

“Time is precious waste it wisely.”

“I'll marry the girl who looks pretty on her Aadhar Card.”

“Nothing is over until you stop trying.”

“My wife told me the other day that I don't take her to expensive places any more, so I took her to the gas station.”

“A sense of humor makes a man handsome”

“My humbleness heals me what hurts me.”

“My cool attitude is the magnet of attraction.”

“My time passes transforming my awesomeness to unique.”

“I am my own uplifter.”

“I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.”

“Awesome ends with me, but Ugly starts with you.”

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

“When a couple is arguing over who loves who more, the one that gives up is the real winner.”

“Wearing dark glasses makes me avoid unwanted people.”

“Scratch here _____ to reveal my status.”

“Your intelligence is my common sense.”

“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”

“I am not arguing, I’m simply explaining why I am right.”

“Stop checking my status! Go Get A Life.”

“Behind every successful person, there is a tireless scolds of parents.”

“Sometimes I win, sometimes you learn.”

“I am learning from My Mistake! Without Mistake, We Can’t Learn Best.”

“I love to walk in the rain as it gives the best background effect of my entry.”

“Whenever I am in trouble I remember my rocking personality that kills you.”

“Life is like photography, you need negatives to develop it.”

“Keep moving! Nothing new to read………”

“It shocks people that I am different.”

“Life is like a water droplet, enjoy before it gets dropped.”

My attitude status is loading….”

“You only live once, so do everything twice.”

“I was born to express and expect.”

“I’m not failed… my success is just postponed.”

“Sometimes It’s better to be alone…No one can hurt you.”

“Rules are made to the break!”

“A smile suits every kind of clothes”

“Admit it! You would be bored without me.”

“Happiness comes with a price tag.”

“I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.”

“I make out most of the time creating myself.”

“I’m a living example of my bigger dreams”

“I am a lesson teacher to fakers.”

“I would like to born again like me.”

“I am a part of all that I have ever met.”

“I judge other people when they think to poke me.”

“I am the god of forgiveness.”

“I am the combination of messy and sought.”

“Life is a mixture of elements and compounds.”

“Yes, I am smiling and you’re not the reason anymore.”

“My “last seen at” was just to check your “last seen as”

“Dream” as if you’ll live forever. Live as if tomorrow is last one.”

“I don’t need to explain myself because I know I’m right.”

“Without me, you are just awso.”

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