International Chess Day

 International Chess Day

International Chess Day

International Chess Day

HAPPY international chess day

international chess day images

international chess day wishes

international chess day wishes

international chess day image and wishes

international chess day image and wishes

international chess day image and wishes and quotes

international chess day image and wishes and quotes

International Chess day is celebrated annually on the foundation day of the International Chess Federation. UNESCO proposed the idea of the international Chess Day celebration. 

Many countries throughout the world celebrate this day. Many organizations, federations and clubs organize Chess tournaments and spread awareness on the benefits of playing chess. 

History of chess

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular two-player strategy-based board games. Chess is believed to have evolved from a popular game called Chaturanga from Northern India at the time of Gupta period (319 – 543 CE). 

 Chaturanga got its name as there were four players playing the game or from the four types of playing pieces infantry, cavalry, elephantry, and chariotry. Historians say that modern chess’s pawn, knight, bishop, and rook came from these four parts only. 

Later through the Silk route, Chaturanga spread to Parsia and was renamed Shatranj around 600 CE.

In 900 CE this game got some modification in techniques, strategy. In 1000 CE it became popular in Europe and Russia as Chess.  

Chess started to get its modernized form from 1200. In 1475 some major changes took place in the rules of moving chess pieces. Modern chess developed from Spain and Italy. 

Art of playing chess

Chess is a strategic board game. It has a 64 square board arranged in 8*8 grid. There are four kinds of chess pieces such as pawn, knight, bishop, and rook. Each piece has its own rule of moving. 

There are various ways of playing chess also. You can learn chess from various online and offline short term courses. 

Benefits of playing chess

Scientists and doctors proved that there are lots of medical benefits to playing chess. Nowadays medical science uses chess as a therapy to cure depression and a few other diseases. 

There are lots of benefits to playing chess regularly like boost up confidence, better memory, increased IQ level, etc. 

You can learn more about the benefits of playing chess from 

Chess as an extracurricular activity

Chess is a good extracurricular activity for kids. That's why many schools have Chess Clubs and they motivate students to learn and play chess regularly. Modern Parents also understand the benefits and they also try to increase their kids’ interest in chess.  

International chess federation

International chess federation (FIDE) was established on 20th July of  1924. It is a governing body for all National Level Chess federations. It was founded in France but Now it is a Switzerland-based organization. 

FIDA got recognition from the International Olympic Committee in 1999 and currently has 195 countries as its member. 

International Chess Day-Date

Every year the international Chess day is being celebrated on 20th July. 

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