Pongal 2023: Best Wishes,Quotes,Whatsapp messages, greetings, Images, Photos,facebook messages, sms, wishes

Pongal 2023: Best Wishes, Quotes, Whatsapp messages, greetings, Images, Photos, Facebook messages, SMS, wishes

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Pongal or more popularly known as ‘Thai Pongal’ is one of the famous festivals of South India especially Tamilnadu during Makar Sankranti. This is a four-day-long harvest festival. Being an agriculture-oriented country in India it is one of the important festivals.

During this festival farmers mainly Thank God, natural elements like sky, soil, wind rain etc for good harvest. Thy also show gratitude towards their cattle and farm animals for their role in last harvest. Tamil community celebrate this festival at the beginning of their first month Thai that’s the reason people call it as Thai Pongal.

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happy Pongal images 2023

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Pongal festival pictures image

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Pongal photo 

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Pongal pictures and images

Pongal festival pictures images

Pongal festival pictures images

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Pongal messages

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happy Pongal images

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happy Pongal Wishes

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happy Pongal images 2021

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 Pongal Meaning

 The word ‘Pongal’ comes from the Tamil word ‘Ponga’. Ponga meaning in Tamil is ‘to boil’ and it is celebrated as 4 days long thanksgiving harvest festival for good harvest of the year in Tamilnadu during Makar Sankranti. It falls in the first month in Tamil Calendar Thai where farmers express thanks to the sun god and natural elements for last whole year crop yielding and farming.

During this festival people of Tamilnadu prepare a special dish where they boil rice, lentil, jaggery in milk and offer to God. This sweet dish is also named as Pongal which justified its literal meaning. The festival is named after this dish.

Legends of Pongal:

There are a few Legends related to Pongal but two are famous among them.1st one is about Gobardhana parvat and Lord Krishna. It is said that this day people used to worship Lord Indra previously but Lord Krishna told them to worship Gobardhana mountain and mother Earth as they provide shelter and food to people. 

When people after listening, he stopped Indra worshipping Indra the rain god became angry and started to rain furiously. To save his followers Lord Krishna uplifted Govardhan mountain in his little finger and gave people shelter under it. People believe it happened in the day of Bhogi.

 2nd one is associated with Lord Shiva and his bull Nandi. According to popular beliefs once Lord Shiva sends his bull Nandi to earth to tell people to oil bath daily and eat once in a month for a good future. But a confused Nandi did the opposite. It told people to eat daily and oil bath once in a month. An angry Shiva as a punishment of Nandi’s deed send Nandi to Earth and help people to harvest more food. That’s why this is considered a harvest festival and people worship their cattle as Nandi on the 3rd day of Pongal.

 History of Pongal:

This is an ancient festival which can be traced back from the time of Chola kings. Historians found an inscription in a wall of a Vishnu temple called Viraraghava from the time of Chola king Kulottunga I (1070-1122 CE) where it is described that king donated a land to the temple for celebrating Pongal festival.

 Significance of Pongal:

Pongal is celebrated at the day of Makar Sankranti. The day from Surya starts its Uttarayan or journey towards North from Dakshinayan or journey towards south.

It is very important day according to Tamil Hindu mythology. They believe that on that days Gods wake up from their 6-month long slumber and bless people with prosperity and wealth. So this day Tamils decorate their home with Banana leaf, mango leaf and Kolam decoration.

It is also harvest festival where people express their gratitude towards Gods, natural elements and farm animals and worship them.  

How Pongal is celebrated:

It is a 4-day long festival expressing thanks for overflowing harvest. 1st day is Bhogi, 2nd day is Surya Pongal, 3rd day is Mutti Pongal and the last day is Kaanum Pongal.


Bhogi is the first day. This is celebrated in the day before Makar Sankranti. This day is celebrated in honour of Lord Indra the lord of rain. This day people organize a bonfire to celebrate prosperity in coming year and welcoming spring after end of winter session. This day many people throw their old and unnecessary things in bonfire and buy necessary new items. 

Young girls sing traditional ceremonial songs around this bonfire. People spend this day by cleaning their home and decorating the entrance with ‘Kolam’ or Rangoli using rice powder and red mud.

Farmers perform worship of farming tools and then cut the new rice and brings it home along with sugarcane and tartaric to be used in next day.

 Surya Pongal:

This is the first day of Tamil month Thai and the main festival dedicated to Lord Surya. After taking an early bath and decorating the house with elaborate  kolam In this day people boil rice in milk in a pot outside their house in an open place till it overflow. Maximum people prepare the ceremonial cooking in their front garden or community centre.

They offer this boil rice in milk placed in a pot decorated by turmeric to Lord Surya or sun God. Other ceremonial offerings are coconut, sugarcane and banana.

This day people wear new dresses and decorate their home with

 Muttu Pongal:

This is the 3rd day of festival. In this day farmers decorate their farm animals specially cows and bulls with beads, bells, corn, and garlands of flowers and worship them for their role in agriculture. This day many places villagers organize bull races.

 Kaanum Pongal:

It is the last day of the festival. This day many Families do a ritual of washing a turmeric leaf and then place it on the ground and cover it with the left-over Pongal from the previous days, sugar cane and plantains. This day sisters prays for prosperity and success of their brothers. The meaning of ‘Kanum’ is to visit. Many families this day organize feast in their house where they invite their relatives and friends or they visit their near and dear ones home. These day people exchange gifts also. 

Pongal in different Language:

Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated during Makar Sankranti in Tamilnadu. But its not only Pongal and Tamilnadu many other states also celebrate harvest festival during Makar Sankranti which are popularly known by various names like Maghi, Lohri, Khichri, Sankrant, Makar, Poush Parvan etc.

Special dish of Pongal:

The most important part of the festival is to prepare the tradition ceremonial dish called ‘Pongal’.

Traditionally it is prepared by boiling newly harvested rice and raw jaggery or sugar cane in milk. Sometimes people add few more ingredients such as cardamom, cashew nut, raisin, coconut, ghee etc. according to their taste.

This ceremonial cooking takes place outside home under sun light as it is prepared to offer Lord Sun. women sometimes takes their utensil and cooks in town or village centre, sometime near their favourite temple or in community centre or simply in their front garden. Generally people prefer to cook together and socialize at same time.  Authentically Pongal is cooked in an earthen pot decorated by garlands of flowers or leaves, patches of turmeric or artwork of Kolam.   

5 Facts about Pongal:

1. It is an important festival of Tamilnadu but few other countries such as Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore etc also celebrate this festival.

2. Pongal is not only the name of the festival but also the ceremonial dish prepared in this festival.

3. It is an ancient festival traced back from the time of Chola Kings so we can easily say that it is more than 1000 years old festival.

4. It is a 4 day long thanksgiving harvest festival worshiping Lord Sun, Natural elements and cattle.

5. The bonfire during Bhogi is generally made by cow dung and wood.

Pongal 2023:

Like other years in 2023 also Pongal is going to be celebrated by people of Tamilnadu living all over the world in the same manner.  In 2023 Pongal will begin on 15th January and will continue till 18th January 2023.

 Pongal 2023 Date:

Name of the festival
Bhogi Festival
15th January
Surya Pongal
16th January
Mattu Pongal
17th January
Kaanum Pongal
18th January

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