Mahalaya 2020 Significance, timing, wishes, images

Mahalaya 2020
Mahalaya 2020
Mahalaya is generally observed before 7 days of Durgapuja but this year there is an exception. in 2020 Ma Durga will be worshiped after 35 days of Mahalaya. this is unusual, unheard and exceptional timing between Mahalaya and Durgapuja. It is said that in this day an invitation is being sent to Goddess Durga, the Goddess of supreme power to descend to the earth to end the evil of the World. This day people chant mantras and slokas to invoke Mother Goddess. Bengali’s think Mother Goddess not only as supreme power but a girl of this earth who is married to Mahadev. It is said that on the day of Bengali mahalaya Goddess Durga with her children starts her journey to earth from her husband Mahadev's adobe Kailash.  


Durga puja mahalaya 2019

Durga puja mahalaya 2019

durga puja 2020 in west bengal 

Mahalaya 2020 Kolkata

Durga puja mahalaya is celebrated in an Amavashya before 7 days of Durgapuja though in 2020 it will an exception and Ther will be gap of 35 days between Mahalaya and Durga Puja. Durga puja mahalaya marks the end of Pritri Paksha and starts Devi Paksha. In Bengal, this day people give water to their ancestors and pay their respect. This process is called ‘Tarpan’. In Kolkata in fact in west Bengal, anyone can observe people doing Tarpan in banks of Ganges. 

Bangla Mahalaya starts with a radio program called ‘Mahishasur Mardini’ chanted by Birendra Krishna Bhadra. Though it's been a decade still tradition of listening to this recorded program in early morning is very nostalgic for Bengalis. Singers sing Agamani songs to welcome Devi Durga. 

Such as 
“Jao jao Giri anite gouri Uma naki baro kadche”
Mahalaya date : In 2020 Mahalaya is on 17th September, Thursday.  

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Happy Mahalaya and Subho Mahalaya

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