Happy Birthday wishes images and quotes

Happy Birthday wishes images and quotes

Happy birthday message

Happy birthday message

We tried to provide birthday Wishes and Birthday wish images download as per our best. Please forgive us if there is any mistake. Birthdays are those special days of the year when we celebrate our favorite people spending another year around the sun. And what can be the start of a good birthday without a wonderful birthday wishes from friends and family?

The best birthday wishes are those which come from the core of heart, and that’s exactly what you want to do for your near and dear ones. You obviously want to make their birthdays special for them.

 Birthday Wishes make your loved ones aware of your love, affection, and how special they are for you. Birthdays come and go every year but there is a beautiful wish which touches their hearts in a pleasant way makes a wonderful memory. So you should obviously send birthday wishes and cards to your kins which express your thoughts about them.

happy birthday belated

happy birthday belated

wish you a very happy birthday

wish you a very happy birthday

happy birthday wife

happy birthday wife

happy birthday girlfriend

happy birthday girlfriend

happy birthday wishes mom SMS

happy birthday wishes mom SMS

happy 2nd Birthday

happy 2nd Birthday

 you never realize just how much your little bit of extra effort of sending a personalized wish is worth until you hear the person who received your wish tell you how happy it made them. 

Giving a blank Birthday card which says only Happy Birthday will do the job of wishing but it would be better if you tell them what they mean to you, how much you love them, how special they are for you. You can share a wonderful memory of you two together or just take this opportunity to thank them for standing with you or for being in your life and being your support system. Of course, they know how much you love and appreciate them, but still, it doesn't hurt to remind them on their special day. 

happy birthday status

happy birthday status

happy birthday sister

happy birthday sister

happy birthday friend

happy birthday friend

Birthday wishes for husband

Birthday wishes for husband

birthday wishes for little brother

birthday wishes for little brother

wish you a very happy birthday

wish you a very happy birthday

All of us are not writers and are completely in confusion what to write when we want to pen down our words which express our feelings. It's not an exception in the case of Birthday wishes. So to ease this confusion we are giving some personalized messages to give you a boost to think about your special ones and personalized birthday wish for them. 

Happy birthday wishes for Mother: 

Dear Mom, Without you, I am nothing, and when you are by my side, I am capable of doing anything and everything! You are my inspiration, I love you a lot. I wish you Happy birthday, mom!

Happy birthday to the wonderful Lady who is my mather, my best friend, my teacher, my mentor, and my advisor. I love you very much. Happy Birthday, Mom.

Mom, thank you for your unconditional love, lots of patience, and endless support. You are my guardian angel, happy birthday!

Dearest mom, you presented brought me to life, presented me hundreds of moments of warmth and joy. You made me a wise and a good human being. Your role in my life can’t be overestimated. Happy Birthday, Mom!

 You are my best friend to share my secrets. My teacher gives me an understanding of good or bad, a role model to look at.  Happy birthday, Mom. 

Happy birthday wishes for Father: 

Thanks for always showing me the right path and for guiding me in the right direction, you are my compass. I love you! Happy Birthday, Dad!

You always make me feel safe and secure with your love and protection. I want more years to spend with you. Happy birthday, dad!

Thank you for being my superman, my superhero. You always made me feel like a princess, your princess with your love and care. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Birthday wishes for father

Birthday wishes for father

birthday wishes in English

birthday wishes in English

happy birthday status

happy birthday status

happy birthday sister in law

happy birthday sister in law

I want to wish a wonderful Happy Birthday to the man who played so many roles in my life; superman in my childhood, teacher and mentor in my teenage years and a buddy in my adulthood. Thank you, Dad.

You are the source of my courage and encouragement. I don’t ever feel hopeless and afraid in life because I know you are always there to hold me if I fall. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy birthday wishes for Brother: 

Happy Birthday wish for elder brother:

 Your footsteps are the footsteps, I want to follow in my life. Thanks for not only being my elder brother but my role model also. Happy Birthday, Brother. 

You always Protected me from worries and strangers. You act like you do not care but you always do and always will. Happy birthday to my dearest elder brother.

Happy Birthday wishes for younger brother:

I am happy to see you grow up as a mature and responsible person. Wishing you lots of happiness and prosperity. Happy birthday, bro!

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my partner in crime and to the person who always watches over my back. Happy Birthday, Bro!!

 I am lucky that you are my brother as well as my best friend. You are the Best Brother. Wishing you lots of love on your birthday!

Birthday wishes for little brother:

The warmest and most birthday greetings to my cute little brother! Love you a lot!

No matter how much I am irritated with you sometimes for all your mischiefs, you’re and still and will always be the most beloved little brother. 

Birthday wishes for cousin brother:

Having a good cousin is one of the best gifts one can receive in life. Thank you for being my inspiration, my dearest cousin and friend.

We are more than cousins. You are my friend, and the brother I always wanted. Wishing you a happy and wonderful Birthday.

Happy birthday wishes for Sister: 

Happy Birthday wishes for elder sister/happy birthday big sister quotes :

I am wishing for a very special birthday to the most amazing friend and an incredible wonderful elder sister who has always been there for me. Happy Birthday, Sister.

No one understands me better than you do. Lucky to have such a lovely and caring elder sister like you. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my darling sister.

Happy Birthday wishes for younger sister:

You are my cute, adorable, caring and loving sister, My barbie doll. Happy Birthday, Sister!

Today I want to convey to you that whenever you need me I will always be there for you. Happy birthday, Little sis!

Happy Birthday wishes for younger sister:

I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Here we are again, celebrating another birthday of the cute little girl who was a baby a few years back. Happy birthday, my wonderful and beautiful cousin sister!

We grew up together, now times have changed, gone our childhood days. But you will always be a dear friend to me, my dear cousin sister. Happy birthday Sis!

Birthday wishes for Girlfriend: 

The universe may turn upside down, but you will always be the most beautiful girl in my eyes. Happy birthday, baby.

We are celebrating this day together as on this day my best friend, the love of my life, my soulmate was born into this world to make my life beautiful. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

You made me fall in love with you with all your charms and bubbly nature. I am going to make sure that you remain the same always. Happy birthday Dear!

Birthday wishes for Boyfriend: 

Meeting you was the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in life! Happy Birthday My Love. 

Let our Deep mutual love for each other give us so much warmth that cold and lonely passes easily. I am always there for you. Happy Birthday! Stay Blessed!

If it’s true that nothing lasts forever, they want to be your Nothing so I can be with your forever my love. Happy birthday, Darling.

Birthday wishes for Wife:

My only desire is to grow old with you see you happy in every phase of life. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sweetheart.

Thanks for filling my life with so much happiness, joy colors, and love. Wishing my beautiful wife a very happy birthday.

I am lucky that first thing every morning I get to see you smile, and I am even luckier to call you as mine. I wish you have the best birthday ever my beautiful Wife.

Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to say SORRY for all the fights and arguments we had, THANK YOU for all the sacrifices you’ve made for me and to let you know that you mean everything to me. Love you Happy birthday Wifie.

Thank you for not walking behind me and be the reason for my success but walking beside me, sharing my every responsibility and making us successful. Happy Birthday to the wonderful woman who is my Wife. 

Birthday wishes for Husband:

Happy birthday to the special person who brought so much joy to my heart. Thank you for every moment we spend together, and I wish our happiness survive always

Happy birthday to the special one in my life who is My Man, My Love. You make my world complete, Hubby.

Thanks for all the Happiness and Support you gave me, all the memories, I am lucky to have you as my brother cum best friend. made together. No matter how old we get, and how many more years we spent together, I will always be here for you. Happy Birthday, hubby.

All these years of our marriage you took very good care of me. On your Birthday let me take care of you. Happy Birthday to the loveliest husband!

You are the most caring, and kind, generous and wonderful husband. Let’s make this one day special for you! Happy Birthday, Darling.

Birthday wishes for Friend:

I am lucky that you choose me as your friend. May all of your dreams come true. Thanks for being such an amazing friend. Happy birthday Dear!

I am grateful that you choose me as your friend and show me what a true friend can do. All the best on your birthday!

Thank you for always being there to listen, share, trust and Support. I am so glad that you as my best friend. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my best friend, the one who laughs at all my silly jokes and stands farmly beside me when I do stupid things!

Happy Birthday, Buddy! I hope you have a great and wonderful year ahead.

Happy birthday wishes for Mother-in-law: 

My beautiful Mother-in-law, Let your inner beauty, wisdom, and smile adorn the world. Be Healthy and Happy. Happy Birthday. 

Thank you for welcoming me warmly as a daughter of this beautiful home and for giving me so many wonderful relationships. Thanks for loving me so much that I never missed my parents’ home. Happy Birthday to my second mother. Stay happy and blessed.

Thank you for raising my wife as your shadow. Thank you for spreading love, care, happiness and laughter in our lives. And obviously Thanks for those wonderful dishes you fed me. Happy Birthday. 

Happy birthday wishes for Father-in-law:

I was Papa’s princess before I got married. Nothing much has changed since then because now I have you too to pamper me along with him. Happy Birthday, Dad!

You always treat me like your own son and I feel so grateful for that. Happy birthday, Dear Dad!

Have a great birthday father in law, you are a wise, humble and a very good human being. And I am glad to see you and being inspired by you. 

 Happy birthday wishes for Brother-in-law:

Thank you for being the wonderful brother I never had. Happy Birthday, Bro!!

Dear brother-in-law, I wish you a great future and I hope that all of your dreams come true. May God bless you with strength, love, happiness, and success. 

Happy birthday to the amazing person who is less of a brother-in-law more and like a brother.

Happy birthday wishes for Sister-in-law:

You are not my Sister-in-law, you are my best friend and partner in crime. Happy Birthday to you. 

Thank you for being my support, protecting me from my brother’s scolding and watching over my back. Hope you will get a  great future with my brother. Wish you have a Happy Birthday. 

I thank God for not only give me a wonderful wife in your sister but also for giving me a caring and loving sister like you. Thank you for being the sweet sister I never had.

Happy birthday wishes for Teacher: 

Dear teacher, you taught us not only our syllabus but lessons of life. Have a wonderful life.  Happy Birthday!!

Thank you for being my friend, philosopher, and guide. Thank you for teaching me and making a good human being. Happy Birthday to my favorite teacher. 

We, all your students respect you, my dear teacher. You are not like all, you are special teacher to us. You teach us to be good persons. Happy birthday!

Happy belated birthday:

I am sorry that I forgot your birthday. Please accept my apologies and forgive me. I wish you a happy and prosperous year to come. Belated Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my friend…a little late. Hope that you enjoyed your Birthday a lot. I am sending you best wishes and blessings for a happy and prosperous year in the future.

It’s apparent that you have been blessed with many wishes and gifts on your birthday. Unfortunately, a  birthday message from me was not on time. Hope you had an amazing day!

So, send Happy Birthday wishes to your family and friends to show your Gratitude, express your feelings, make their day special and bring smiles on their faces. 

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