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Teachers Day 2023

HappyTeachers' Day 2023 is a day celebrated to appreciate the efforts of teachers. It includes celebrations to honor them for their contributions in their specialized field or a community or society.

wishes happy teachers day 2020

wishes happy teachers day 2023 

Happy teachers day cards

 Happy teachers day cards

Happy teachers day

Happy teachers day

Happy teachers day quotes poems

Happy teachers day quotes poems

Teacher day wishes images

Teacher day wishes images

The idea of celebrating Teachers' Day isn't a recent idea. Many countries started a celebration of Teachers Day from the 19th century. Throughout the world, countries celebrate this day on different dates, unlike many other International Days as they celebrate this day to show respect to national educators or an important milestone in education. World Teachers Day is celebrated on the 5th of October which is established by UNESCO

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sweet messages for teachers

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 the inspirational message for teachers day

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 heart touching message for teachers

happy teachers day messages

happy teachers day messages

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teachers day quotes

Happy Teachers Day Wishes.

Happy Teachers Day Wishes.

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nice messages for teachers

teachers day Shayari in Hindi

teachers day Shayari in Hindi


Who are teachers and what their role:

A teacher is a friend, philosopher, and guide who holds students’ hands, opens people's minds and touches their hearts. A teacher doesn't only teach a student what is in his/her syllabus but teaches students the aspects of life, the discipline and moral values of life to become not only successful but also a good human being. 

Teaching is the most influential job in the world as a teacher can influence in shaping the life of an individual even more than his/her parents. Proper guidance and support from a good teacher are very important in achieving one’s goal in life that's why every successful individual always remembers the constructive role played by his/her teacher or teachers. Teachers impart good values in young minds and turn them into responsible citizens. 


Teachers can make or break a future generation; such is the power of them. That's the reason it is said that a nation’s future resides in the hands of its teachers and education system. A teacher can change the course of life of any student and push them in a more creative world. A teacher has the ability to find out the hidden talent of students and can flourish it which the student also might not realize. Teachers always look after the best interests of the students and genuinely play an important role in the community, society, and nation.

 “I realize by being a teacher, I am making an important contribution to all the national development initiatives.” ― APJ Abdul Kalam

“Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level.” ― APJ Abdul Kalam

“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact on the lives of their students.” ― Solomon Ortiz

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” ― Brad Henry.

Why we should celebrate Teachers Day: 

A teacher’s job is a thankless job. They work for the overall development of students, look after their improvement, mental development, flourish their talents, strengthen their week less tirelessly. It's not a profession where they can forget about work after leaving their workplace they think about their students always. Many of the teacher’s doors are always open for their students whenever they need it. They are our second parents whom we can rely on and trust. 

So, we should celebrate Teacher's Day to honor our Teachers who were pillars of strength to make us what we are, who are our guiding force. We should show our gratitude towards them. 

What we can do to celebrate this day?

Generally, maximum schools do Teachers Day celebration in a grand manner where students decorate their classroom, give gifts as a token of thanks to their teachers, put up cultural functions, and delivers teachers day speech. 

Apart from all these anyone can show gratitude to their teachers in a personal manner by sending them Happy teachers day wishes, happy teachers day quotes poems, heart-touching message for teachers, sweet messages for teachers, Nice messages for teachers teacher day wishes images, teachers day quotes, happy teachers day messages by email or Whatsapp. They can also use social media like Facebook, Instagram to wish their teachers. 

Creative students can write poems for their teachers or send Teachers Day wish poems or Thank You poem to their Teachers. 

Students can also give their teachers Happy teachers day card which is available in the market or it will be better if they make handmade cards for their mentors. 

Few Poems appropriate for Teachers Day 

My Teacher

You are the person;

Who stood by me always, 

You are the person; 

Who pushed me towards light, 

When you stayed 

In the darkness.

You gave me credit 

For I do, also 

For what you do. 

Your door was always,

Open for me. 

You were happy when

I excel in anything

You were happy 

When I beat you.

You are the person,

Who is the reason what

I am today. 

Thank you for being 

My foundation stone, 

Thank You for being

My mentor, guide,

My teacher. 


“Let the sky


Your teacher.

You will learn

How to serve.

Let the moon


Your teacher.

You will learn

How to love.

Let the sun


Your teacher.

You will learn

How to become.”

– Sri Chinmoy

“My poetry teacher taught me

How to cry.

My philosophy teacher taught me

How to dream.

My religion teacher taught me

How to bind life.

My yoga teacher taught me

How to Find Love.

My liberation teacher taught me

How to create Peace.”

– Sri Chinmoy

“Teachers open up young minds,

showing them the wonders of the intellect

and the miracle

of being able to think for themselves.

A teacher exercises

the mental muscles of students,

stretching and strengthening,

so they can make challenging decisions,

find their way in the world,

and become independent.

The best teachers care enough

To gently push and prod students

to do their best

and fulfill their potential.

You are one of those.

Thank you.”

– Joanna Fuchs

So, don't forget to send Happy teachers day wishes to your teacher to show your Gratitude or an inspirational message for teachers day to your colleagues in you are in the teaching field. 

Our team Wishes all the Teachers who are in this noble profession 

Happy Teachers Day

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